Easy Ways To Improve Your Hearing

How to Improve HearingAfter being able to hear all of your life, you now find yourself suffering from hearing loss. While you’ve enjoyed hearing everything from concerts to birds singing, now you find that you need to turn the TV and radio up so that you can hear them. You’ve even had to ask people around you to speak up so you can hear them better.

Due to your loss of hearing, you’re worried that things will only get worse from here. You may even feel as though there may come a time when you won’t be able to hear anything around you. These thoughts are scary, but you don’t have to live your life in fear. There are some things you can do to improve your hearing.

4 Easy Exercises to Improve Your Hearing

When you notice that you’re suffering from hearing loss, you may also feel anxious that it’ll get worse. It doesn’t have to get to this point, though. There are some exercises you can perform from the comfort of your home that’ll help you give your hearing a boost.

1. Solve Puzzles

It’s impossible to ignore the importance of your brain when you’re processing information from the sounds around you. Therefore it only makes sense that hearing loss can contribute to mental health issues (e.g., anxiety, depression). Researchers believe these issues may be caused by brain atrophy. This condition happens when you don’t exercise your brain enough, so doing puzzles (e.g., crosswords, word searches, Sudoku, bingo, cards) is beneficial.

2. Practice Yoga

Yoga is known to have many essential health benefits, including helping you with your hearing. These poses (e.g., tree, lotus, cobra, triangle ) work because they improve your ears and brain circulation, which improves your nerves’ ability to function. It’s also known to help with certain hearing-related conditions such as tinnitus.

3. Practice Locating and Focusing on the Sounds in Your Environment

You can use many different hearing exercises to help you hone in on where the sounds around you are located. For instance, you can place a radio in one area of the room and another sound source in a different area. Turn up the sounds to create a noisy environment, then close your eyes and have someone read a sentence. Now repeat this sentence back to them and try to determine where they’re located without opening your eyes.

4. Practice Meditation

Instead of meditating in a quiet place when you have hearing loss, you should meditate in an area where you’re surrounded by a variety of different sounds, like a park. Meditation will then help your blood circulate while also increasing the amount of oxygen in your body. During this time, you can also focus on where each sound you hear is coming from. Doing so will help you better decipher sounds in a noisy environment.

Get Help for Your Hearing

These exercises are a great way to improve your hearing health. However, you should still get a hearing test done by Countryside Hearing Aid Services in Pinellas County, FL. Then you’ll be able to know if you’re also having issues with your cognition, health, and mental wellness.

For over three decades, residents in the area have trusted us to help them take better care of their hearing. We offer all the services you need so you can maintain your hearing throughout your life. These services will allow you to stop suffering from hearing loss, but you’ll need to reach out and contact us.

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