4 Top Tips To Remember When You Get New Hearing Aids

If you’ve never had hearing aids before, it can take a while to get used to them. Like anything new, you will need to take your time and have patience when you first get hearing aids and start getting used to them. There may be things you are not accustomed to, like having something in and around your ear. It might take a while to get used to the new and improved sound quality you’re now experiencing. Whatever you’re going through with your new hearing aids, here are some tips for getting off to the best start. 1. Follow Instructions From Your Health Professional You should be working with a hearing professional who can guide you through the process of getting hearing aids. They will give you detailed guidance about how to get used to your new aids, as well Read More +

3 Habits Which Could Cause Harm To Your Hearing

There are many habits that can be damaging to our health, whether you’re living in Pinellas County or any other part of the world. Many of these habits can impact our outer appearance, such as hair, skin, and nails, as well as the internal parts of our bodies such as organs, circulation, and immunity. Some unhealthy habits may also begin to impact our senses too. Our sight, smell, and hearing may be affected by some of the unhelpful habits which simply become another part of our lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look at some of the habits which could be impacted your health, in particular your hearing, and some of the things you can do to prevent hearing loss and look after your oral health. 1. Excessive Alcohol Consumption Consuming excessive quantities of alcohol, listed by the CDC as more Read More +

What Sleep is Like for Seniors

Throughout the various stages of our lives we face different challenges when it comes to sleeping. Oftentimes, sleeping grows quite complicated when you’re a middle-aged adult. This is because your hormones that affect your sleep and your circadian rhythm starts changing. You’re also more likely to suffer from health issues that affect your sleep, such as chronic stress. What Sleep is Like When You’re in Your 60s While it seems unfair that when your life starts to become more sleep friendly your ability to sleep declines, this often happens. At this stage in your life you tend to have more down time and control of your schedule, which means you’ll be under much less stress. However, you’re also undergoing a lot of physiological changes that make it more challenging than ever to get the sleep you need. Women are undergoing Read More +

The Effects of Caffeine and Noise on Your Hearing

Most Americans enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Sometimes they’ll even find themselves drinking coffee all day long because they love it so much. If you’re like these folks you may not even know for sure how much coffee you drink each day because you’ll set it aside when you get busy, then when it gets cold, you’ll ignore it. Unfortunately, this is a bad habit to get into for several reasons, one of which being it can harm your hearing health. What Research Says Regarding Caffeine and Hearing Loss In April 2016 The Otolaryngology Journal published an article regarding a research study that was conducted by the American Medical Association. This was entitled, “The Association of Caffeine and Hearing Recovery After Acoustic Overstimulation Events in a Guinea Pig Model.” According to this article, researchers divided a group of Read More +

How You Can Sleep Better

While many people believe that women over 50 require less sleep and thus can stay up late and still wake up before everyone else, this simply isn’t true. This is confirmed by Dr. Daniel A. Barone, assistant neurology professor at Weill Cornell Medical School. However, he does go on to agree that our ability to stay asleep decreases as we age. The Truth About Sleep When someone requires 8 hours of sleep when they’re 30, they’ll still require that much sleep when they’re 70. Unfortunately, according to the American Psychological Association about half of older adults suffer from insomnia. This is typically a result of health problems including depression and cardiovascular issues. The quality of sleep also decreases for women over 50. This is because the body’s ability to produce melatonin (a sleep hormone) starts slowing down. As such, their Read More +

How You Can Be A Super-Ager

As we grow older it becomes increasingly more difficult for us to find older role models. However, in the past couple of years medical science has identified a group that we should all be aspiring to join. They’ve called these people super-ager seniors because while they’re in their seventies and eighties their mental and physical capabilities are decades younger than other folks who are their same age. Two Types of Super-Agers Seniors who are interested in becoming a super-ager must first understand that there are two different groups. This is important because there are differences between them. These groups include: • Cognitive: Seniors in this group embrace new mental challenges that help preserve their brain tissue and encourage their brain to function. This is something Dr. Bradford Dickerson, a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital studied. In doing so he discovered Read More +

Protecting Your Hearing From The Sound Of Music

Noise and music exposure often lead to hearing loss, which is unfortunate because it’s preventable. While these two things seem quite different, with one being better than the other, they both have a similar effect on your hearing. How Music Causes Hearing Loss Research has shown that there are two main contributing factors to music related hearing loss. This includes the volume or intensity of the music and how long you’re exposed to it. So, there isn’t anything wrong with going to a rock concert Friday night as long as you limit the amount of time listening with unprotected hearing. This means that you need to wear some sort of hearing protection in order to protect your ears. It’s the combination of higher sound levels like this and how long you’re exposed to it that matters. Once you exceed a Read More +

How To Protect Your Hearing In Noisy Environments

It’s important to be knowledgeable about tips to protect your hearing so that you don’t needlessly suffer hearing loss and can enjoy a better quality of life overall. This is something that you should pay attention to everyday. Fortunately, these tips are easy enough to allow you to do so. Avoid Loud Environments Experiencing on the job hearing loss isn’t limited to those who are musicians or jackhammer operators. Of course, these two types of environments are well-known for causing hearing damage, but any loud work environment can cause you to lose your hearing. This is why you should protect your hearing if you work around any type of machinery or with large vehicles. The noise levels of lawn mowers, weed eaters, grass blowers, motorcycles, chainsaws and concerts can all present potentially dangerous loudness levels. If you know you’re going Read More +

New Opn S Hearing Aids Being Introduced This Month

In March 2019 Oticon announced a new line of hearing aids known as the Opn S. They’re doing this to replace their original Opn line. This new line of Oticon hearing aids will include technology at three different levels and four different model types. What to Expect From the new Oticon Opn S Hearing Aids Over the years many customers have rated these hearing aids as top performers and there have been some impassioned claims made by Oticon about this new line so it will be interesting to see how they’ll stack up. According to Oticon, these new hearing aids will: Improve speech and understanding by 15%: This is a detail that was based on a research study performed by Clinical Research Audiologist Josefine Juul Jensen from the Centre for Applied Audiology Research, headquartered in Denmark. Jensen previously conducted the Read More +

The Resound Hearing Aid Now Features Siri Integration

Many of us are familiar with Siri – Apple’s virtual assistant who’s found in their iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and HomePod operating systems. Now it’s being found in a new location: The Resound hearing aid will be the first smart hearing aid to use AI and Siri together. This means that soon you’ll be able to say things like, “Hey Siri, stream iTunes through my hearing aid.” Of course, this is only one of the many things you’ll be able to do when your smart hearing aid uses AI to pair with Siri. What to Expect There’s a growing field of gadgets that will transform the health care industry as we know it – smart hearing aids are only one of the many examples here. Once these devices take hold, people with hearing impairment will be drawn even further into Read More +