Submitted 2018-12-07

Exceptional service.  LOVE the 3 month check ups & free batteries.  The entire office staff is very personable with a very knowledgeable & funny hearing specialist at the helm.
C. Sears,
Dunedin, FL

Submitted 2018-12-06

Great people, Great service, Great results. Thomas Mitchell, the owner of Countryside Hearing Aid Services and Hearing Aid Specialist takes the time to thoroughly analyze your hearing loss. He gets to know you as a person and then tailors a solution that meets your needs. No off-the-shelf solutions here! The regularly scheduled follow-ups are a real plus. Thomas Mitchell was able to adjust my hearing aids over time to optimize their function and fit. He also allowed me to try several different tips until we found the ones that fit and worked best for me! This is something no other doctor took the time to do. This attention to detail and a willingness to listen to the patient makes all the difference.
S. Schulhof,
Seminole, FL

Submitted 2018-12-06

Highly Recommended! I recently visited Countryside Hearing to get service and programming for my existing hearing aids. I’m actually going to church again with my wife since I can now hear and understand the message. A couple of weeks ago, I had a speaking engagement that was giving me a good bit anxiety, since I had never been able to communicate effectively with the audience. Once Countryside Hearing made the necessary adjustments, I could not only hear the audience, but I could also understand them! I highly recommend Tom Mitchell and his staff at Countryside Hearing. You will not be disappointed! I am very satisfied!
B. Bockus,
Belleair, FL

Submitted 2018-11-07

I've had hearing aids for 5 years (not cheap ones).I needed new parts, so Googled for a representative and found Countryside Hearing near me. Wow, what a pleasant staff!! I complained about my hearing aids to the man with my parts(I now know is the owner). He offered to sell me traded in $7000 hearing aids for $2000 that would far exceed the hearing of my current ones. We left, but called for an appointment.I had the test and bought the best he had to offer. These ReSound Quattro hearing aids are giving me amazing hearing. If you are having trouble with hearing, I highly recommend Countryside Hearing Aid Services. I could go on more, but call and find out for yourself. You won't be disappointed!!!!
J. Meyer,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2018-11-06

One cannot count the number of "thank-yous" needed to explain the gratitude we have towards all of you for the way your handled my mother's hearing situation. You are the best!
L. Ross,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2018-10-29

Months before I got hearing aids, I couldn't hear the birds singing outside.  At Church, all I could hear was background noise when someone was sitting next to me.  Since purchasing hearing aids at Countryside Hearing, I can hear the birds chirping and can now understand what other people are talking about when sitting next to someone.  Life is so much better now that I can hear!
M. Judd,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2018-10-23

I have accompanied my Father on all of his appointments and have been very impressed by the service he receives, especially the follow up service.  Tom is very thorough explaining how to wear and use the hearing aids.  Very professional!
R. St. Marie Jr.,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2018-10-23

I was referred by a dear friend who was a patient that spoke very highly of Tom and his staff.  I didn't know where to go for hearing aids or who to even trust.  When I walked in to Countryside Hearing location, not only did I feel welcomed but I also felt like they really wanted to take care of my hearing needs.
R. St. Marie,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2018-09-10

Countryside Hearing is the BEST!  Completely happy with my hearing aids and would recommend to everyone!
R. Breznicky,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2018-09-10

Been a customer now for over 2 years and am very happy with their service and how very friendly the staff is.  Been telling people about Countryside Hearing Aids wherever I go.
W. Fox,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2018-09-10

I want to personally thank Countryside Hearing Aids because my Life is so much better having worked with them.  Equipment is top notch and pricing is excellent.  Follow up visits are great and the staff is so friendly.  Would recommend any and everyone to them.
C. Rosefelt,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2018-08-11

Love Tom, his staff and their caring service! I would recommend them to anyone!
J. Grubb,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2018-08-07

I am very pleased with the great service and excellent hearing aids. Friends and family don't have to repeat anymore. Love the iPhone connectivity. What a difference!
J. Gurian,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2018-06-21

I have been visiting audiologists offices for over 20 years with my child who has worn a hearing aid since age 4. When I needed a hearing aid, I knew what great service should be. I was referred to Countryside Hearing from someone who had been a customer for a long time. The consultation visits were very thorough and the follow-up visits have been exceptional. I drive 90 miles every 3-4 months to get my aid checked because of the great customer service Countryside Hearing offers.
S. Sparlin,
Lakeland, FL

Submitted 2018-06-11

I can sure tell a big difference with my new hearing aids! The TV is much better and I can finally understand what my wife is saying to me. Countryside Hearing is the absolute BEST!
B. Hanna,
Safety Harbor, FL

Submitted 2018-05-29

I've had 3 different sets of hearing aids over the past 5 years. They have been satisfactory at best. I have just recently been fit with a new top of the line hearing aid system from my Workman's comp provider. On a whim, I was trying to get my bluetooth to work and I saw a good review online for Countryside Hearing.
Once I got my Oticon OPN 1 hearing aids from my ENT, something told me to make a special appointment here. And wow, what a difference! When somebody who is very picky, like me, Tom Mitchell fine-tuned these hearing aids that the other facility didn't, or couldn't do. The difference was incredible! I now LOVE my new hearing aids and LOVE Countryside Hearing!
G. Kinarich,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2018-05-04

I always look forward to my visits because the staff is so wonderful!
S. Sparlin,
Lakeland, FL

Submitted 2018-04-26

It is absolutely true! People do not realize how much they are missing in life. I am hearing things I haven't heard in years! I can go to meetings and sit anywhere I like and not miss a thing!
Thank you Countryside Hearing!
U. Schultz,
Oldsmar, FL

Submitted 2018-04-24

From the first day I walked in the door I felt comfortable and trusted you guys. You didn't try to strong-arm me into buying anything. I thank you and appreciate everything you guys have done for me. And I'm telling you the truth, these new hearing aids are fantastic! You guys are life savers and your business it totally on the up and up! I could not be happier.
G. Cohen,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2018-04-16

There are a lot of merchants in the world, but you guys are on top! I am always happy when I leave Countryside Hearing.
E. Murtaugh,
Dunedin, FL

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