Submitted 2022-10-21

The best attention from Jennifer in front along with great hearing aids from Tom! Thank you both very much!
H. Erdmann,
St. Petersburg, FL

Submitted 2022-10-04

I am so happy that I finally found a hearing aid office that listens to my concerns and takes the time to address them. Tom sat down with me and really took his time with making sure I'm happy with any adjustments made. I appreciate all the follow up's that are provided and it's always a pleasure coming to Countryside Hearing that has the friendliest staff I've ever met.
D. Brown,
St. Petersburg, FL

Submitted 2022-07-18

5 Stars! Mr. Mitchell, was extremely thorough and I’ve never experienced such detailed testing like that before. My previous audiologist, in Ocala, FL, really did a bad job adjusting my new Widex hearing aids. For a year I struggled trying to hear in my right ear. My former audiologist commented that the problem was my hearing loss and not her adjustment.

I moved to the Clearwater area and made an appointment at Countryside Hearing Aid Services. Mr. Mitchell told me the hearing aids had the wrong speakers and domes. After replacing those items with the correct ones, then a hearing test and reprogramming by aids - Wow wow wow! What a difference! Quality of life improved 100%!

I can now hear things I haven't heard in years. In the past I had to set my HA to 5 -7 level. Now 2-3 and it's loud. Example is my TV soundbar. Before I had to set the volume level to 35-40. Now 12-17. What a difference. Verbal conversations are a whole lot better. (we all struggle with that) I am forever grateful for the quality life they have given back to me. 5 Star rating easily. Thank you.
D. Johnson,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2022-07-06

I purchased a new set of hearing aids from Countryside Hearing Aid services last week. The product is the newest ReSound premium hearing aid, the ReSound ONE. They are excellent. I am hearing much better with these. I don't have to try and read lips anymore. I can hear clearly from all angles and my family no longer has to get my attention and be in the same room with me. Television shows are clear, even in the quiet speaking scenes. I have been wearing them for 10-12 hours a day since purchasing with no hearing fatigue. The sound is quite natural and my voice is true to the sound of recorded Zoom sessions. The hearing aids are controlled on my iPhone with the ReSound software application. This allows me to select the master program or choose from three other hearing programs depending on my current environment. Thanks to Tom for his skill in testing and fitting me with the hearing aids.
L. Smith,
Pinellas Park, FL

Submitted 2022-06-29

There is a clear reason why they are rated #1. Great service, extremely competent, highly knowledgeable and if you have a problem with your hearing aids, they will fix it and do it fast. They don’t overcharge and beat all the others by far with both price and friendly personal expert service. Absolutely top notch expertise. What a pleasure to have such standout service nearby!
D. Webster,
Dunedin, FL

Submitted 2022-06-28

Going to Tom at Countryside Hearing makes a difference! " To hear and not hear" I bought my Widex from a renowned hearing office. 2 years later, problems. Google helped me find Countryside Hearing Aid. Good website and best service ever. They even sent me a handwritten Thank you note, for coming to see them. They follow-up with a smile and plenty of knowledge! Hearing is of major importance!
C. Felten,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2022-06-22

My new hearing aids are great!  I can hear so much better and the clarity is incredible!  Making my own volume adjustments on my iPhone is a huge improvement, rather than just on my hearing aids and my phone conversations coming through my hearing aids sound wonderful.  Countryside Hearing is the best!
B. Buerger,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2022-06-17

Absolutely wonderful service and such a pleasant hearing aid office! Tom is most helpful, caring, and listened to what concerns I initially had when I first came in to meet with him. Countryside Hearing took such great care of me while I was residing in FL prior to my move up North and continues to, as I was back in FL and needed their service.
M. Kirby,
South Carolina

Submitted 2022-05-19

What can I say about Countryside Hearing Aid Services.? Nothing but good things!!! I went to another hearing aid specialist before coming to Countryside and was treated rudely. I decided that I was going to pay too much money for a hearing aid to be treated like that!!! So, I did some online searching and found Countryside Hearing Services. Tom did a hearing aid test and prescribed three different aids that would help me. I chose Resound One, and I have been extremely pleased wearing them. I do not hear echos, and the aids do not amplify sounds; instead, they help me hear more clearly. I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer, the office manager; she is kind, friendly and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Tom, the hearing aid specialist, is spot on with his assessments, and he continues to follow-up with me after the sale. Kudos to me for choosing Countryside Hearing Aid Services.
E. Drake,
Belleair, FL

Submitted 2022-03-22

Your office is the friendliest and most efficient that I have ever been to!
C.K. Maffett,
New York, NY

Submitted 2022-03-18

My experience with Countryside Hearing has been wonderful. All of my questions have been answered and Tom even explained things about hearing and hearing aids that we knew nothing about. I have recommended Countryside Hearing to all of my friends and cannot recommend them highly enough. I haven't heard this well in years!
D. Carlo,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2022-03-16

Brought my Mom who's visiting from Buffalo, NY - her hearing was bad and we didn’t know if her aids even worked. Found Countryside Hearing by chance and was impressed when Jennifer answered the phone! From the moment I brought them to be checked by Tom, to getting an appt for a full hearing test and fitted for new rechargeable aids same day AND several follow up visits till she went home and for them to find her a local service in case she runs into any issues! TOP NOTCH Tom and Jennifer are personable, patient, knowledgeable, caring and funny! What a wonderful experience!
K.M. Dominiak,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2022-03-08

I have had minimal hearing in my left ear for over 35 years. Last fall I lost more of my ability to hear in my right ear. I went to Tom and he explained the devices available to me. He recommended bicros devices for my particular hearing impairment. I am just amazed at the difference this has made in my quality of life. The technology is beyond my comprehension but oh the results are outstanding. Tom and Jennifer make the process so simple and help you to know they are there to help. My experience with them has been one of the best. Jennifer and Tom make you feel like you are family. I highly recommend Countryside Hearing Aid Services for all your hearing needs.
J. Boyer,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2022-03-03

I am a Snow bird from Long Island, NY. One of my hearing aids stopped working, my purchasing store is back home, problem!!I called three hearing aid stores in the Clearwater area. One, didn’t even have the professional courtesy to call me back. Second one, called, I went to their store, they could not fix it. Countryside, called back, said come right in, fixed it quickly and at a very reasonable price. In addition, the people there are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.
Anthony G.,
Long Island, N.Y.

Submitted 2021-12-29

I knew that my hearing was deteriorating.  After reading a number of positive reviews, I chose to go to Countryside Hearing and Services.  This was absolutely the best decision I could have made.  Tom and Jennifer are completely dedicated to making sure that you get the best possible hearing aid for your situation.  Most important, they follow up to make sure that everything is operating correctly and the patient is completely satisfied.  If you are considering hearing aids, I strongly recommend that you stop here first.  After hearing stories about people who got their hearing aids elsewhere, I have not the slightest regret in choosing these wonderful people to take care of my hearing needs.
B. Boitmann,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2021-12-02

Above and beyond! I have been going to Countryside Hearing Aid Service since I moved here in 2014 and really feel like "family!

Tom has been absolutely wonderful working with my hearing loss and my hearing aids BUT! This past Friday, 11/26/21, the day after Thanksgiving, he went WELL ABOVE WONDERFUL and accommodating! As I had been dealing with an ear infection in one of my ears and unable to wear my hearing aid, when I went to put my other hearing aid in, I found it was not working and was at a loss. Although the office was closed for the holiday weekend, I was able to contact Tom (and Laurie! ?) regarding my issue. They guided me thru trying to get the hearing aid to work (possible filter issue) but that was not the issue. This was at 8:30 in the morning (sorry, guys!) and at 8:45 I received a text to meet at the office... Tom met me at the office at 9:00 am and took care of the problem within minutes! I could hear!

I am SO thankful to have this wonderful establishment/these wonderful people (Tom, Laurie & Jennifer) to count on for my hearing assistance and highly recommend! They are the ABSOLUTE BEST - Thanks so much, Tom (and Laurie!), for taking the time out of your holiday weekend to, again, provide your exceptional service. I am very grateful.
A. Coleman,
Dunedin, FL

Submitted 2021-10-09


I have recently had a wonderful experience with you and Jennifer regarding the evaluation and purchase of my hearing aids.

You are very professional, very courteous, caring, knowledgeable and always available for any questions I may have or tweaking of the hearing aids that might be needed.

I have never experienced such personal care and accessibility at ANY medical office before.

Jennifer is such an asset to your office. She is always kind, gracious, professional and makes me and my wife feel very special each time we call or visit.

Thank you.
A. Boyer,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2021-10-06

Tom, I just want to say thanks for all that you do to take care of my hearing needs.

It's been 16 years since I first visited Countryside Hearing Aid Services (CHAS). Hank was the owner at that time. If you hadn't come along when you did, I would have gone elsewhere. It was like buying a car; as soon as you drove off, there was no further contact. Hank was a fine guy, but very few hearing professionals can measure up to your experience, professionalism and customer service.

Since you've taken over CHAS, the difference is night-and-day. Your knowledge, professionalism, and your constant focus on customer service is second to none.

In addition, I was made to feel important, was listened to, and you gave me all the time I needed to make a decision on which hearing aids best suited me. The entire experience is terrific. I greatly appreciate this.

Each time I come in for our routine visits, I feel welcomed and a feeling that you are glad to see me. Your assistant Jennifer is absolutely wonderful. She always has a smile and greets me like I'm family. She is the kindest, friendliest, and most professional front office person I've ever met in ANY type business. Please keep her forever.

I would highly recommend CHAS to anyone for the hearing needs and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

Thanks again for all that you and Jennifer do in taking care of my hearing.
D. Doe,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2021-09-30

This is my story and I am sticking to it! I had been having some challenges with my hearing before the pandemic. These challenges only worsened once we started wearing masks and social distancing. I reluctantly went and had my hearing tested at a medical clinic that I was referred to by my general physician. Once the test was over we chatted briefly, I was given some brochures and a price range for hearing aids was told if I had any questions to give them a call. So here I was with little understanding of what hearing loss really was and not much information about hearing aids and I was tasked with making a decision that could drastically affect the quality of my life! As I was lamenting about this to a coworker they told me about Countryside Hearing Aid Services. They could not speak highly enough about Tom and Jennifer. They kept using words like amazing, outstanding, awesome.

The hitch in all of this is that they are an hour drive from where I live and there is no easy (low traffic) way to get there.

I made the appointment, then made the drive, and it was one of the BEST decisions of my life! Tom and Jennifer truly are amazing, outstanding, awesome and so much more 🙂 Not only did I learn about hearing loss and the effects it can have on not only the individual (me) but also family and friends, I also learned about hearing aids . Tom took the time to talk with me about what my life was like, work and activities, then explained the 3 choices in hearing aids and how each one would work in my everyday life. What I thought was going to be a major life challenge was made much easier, almost simple, by going to Countryside hearing Aid Services and working with Tom.

They are now my go folks for all my hearing needs. I am more than willing to drive an hour to get the personalized care and professional service. Tom has built a custom setting for me for outdoor usage and windy conditions! I am also armed with knowledge about different devices I may want to consider down the road for watching television, etc...

From the moment you walk in the door you are welcomed and and made to feel at ease. Tom and Jennifer are that rare type that are very professional and knowledgeable, yet so very personable. Countryside Hearing Aid Services has so much to offer to keep hearing loss from becoming a lonely, isolated journey. I am truly blessed to have found them and now promote them, shamelessly, every chance I get! They really are AWESOME!
R. Blair,
Tampa, FL

Submitted 2021-07-01

After shopping at numerous other hearing aid providers, I was so happy to find a family-owned business. Countryside Hearing has a well-deserved reputation for outstanding service and customer satisfaction. Tom and Jennifer are both extremely outgoing, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. At Countryside you are not just a customer; you become a part of their family. Absolutely the best hearing evaluation, advice, and service I have ever received. In addition, their prices are also very reasonable for high-quality products. I chose the Sonic Innovations Radiant 100 rechargeable hearing aids. Sound quality is amazing—and no more batteries to worry about. They are so comfortable I hardly know I’m wearing them. Do yourself a favor; skip the rest and come to the best!
B. Pigg,
Belleair Beach, FL

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