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  • We don’t spend tremendous sums of money on TV advertising and pass the bill on to you.

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Free Telephone with every qualified hearing evaluation!

CapTel 840i

The CapTel 840i captioned telephone shows captions of everything your caller says

**Requires telephone service and high-speed Internet access**

The CapTel 840i captioned telephone shows captions of everything your caller says on an extremely large display screen to help make sure you catch every word. It connects to both your telephone service and your Internet service to give you the best of both worlds: voice and captions. This telephone will only work if you have an Internet connection.


  • Captions can be turned on/off as needed
  • Callers dial your number directly
  • Built-in Answering Machine
  • Adjustable Volume Control


The CapTel 840i uses your telephone service and an Internet connection to give you the best of both worlds – voice and captions – during your calls. You must have an Internet connection.

Call us at 727-796-1161 to schedule your complimentary hearing evaluation. If your evaluation confirms a moderate, severe, or profound hearing loss, you will be qualified to receive the CapTel 840i. Remember, you must have telephone service and Internet access in order to use this telephone.