It’s Time To Do Something About Your Hearing Loss

It’s Time To Do Something About Your Hearing LossThere are approximately 48 million people within the United States who are living with some form of hearing loss. Unfortunately, many people are embarrassed about it or concerned about how much hearing aids may cost so they try to ignore that it’s happening. This can be quite dangerous in several ways.

Your Hearing Aid Should Feel as Natural as Your Reading Glasses

You probably already own some reading glasses that you aren’t embarrassed to wear. Presbyopia (age-related loss of eyesight) is the visual version of presbycusis (loss of hearing due to age). While you may not think of hearing aids as a trendy accessory you should know that they’re so discreet that many fashionable people are wearing them today (e.g. Jodie Foster, Halle Berry, Rob Lowe, Robert Redford).

Any Type of Hearing Loss Will Change Your Brain

Your ears send information to your brain which is why your brain changes when you suffer from lost hearing. This is because your brain’s visual and sensory processing parts will start using parts of your auditory cortex to help you understand sound. In doing so it causes your auditory cortex to deteriorate.

Failure to Properly Correct Your Hearing Impacts Your Cognitive Abilities

Without hearing aids you’ll be struggling to hear people talk. This results in your frontal and prefrontal cortexes (the parts responsible for helping you think, focus, concentrate, and remember things) becoming more active since you’ll need to use them to help you hear. When this happens your comprehension declines, you’re slower to process things, and you may even develop dementia. In fact, in 2017 The Lancet published an international analysis in which they stated that one of the “largest modifiable risks” that contributes to the development of dementia is the loss of a person’s hearing. However, if you’re willing to wear a well-fitting hearing aid your cognitive problems can be mitigated.

Safety Comes From Hearing Well

When you suffer from hearing loss and refuse to wear hearing aids you’re putting your safety in jeopardy. This is because you won’t be able to hear smoke alarms, sirens, or even doorbells. Researchers have also discovered that people who can’t hear properly are three times more likely to fall.

Straining to Hear is Stressful

Even losing just a little of your hearing can be stressful since it’s exhausting to follow conversations. This can result in stress-related issues like muscle tension, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, and depression. Ultimately this can result in no longer enjoying being social.

Caring for Your Hearing is Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s a good idea to eat healthily, remain physically active, and get a routine physical exam. While we know that these things are good for us, we oftentimes overlook the fact that getting our hearing checked is also an important part of staying healthy.

New Advances Made in Hearing Aids

Today, hearing aids are virtually invisible and incredibly lightweight. They are placed either inside of your ear canal or behind your ear and are adjustable so they meet your needs. The latest hearing instruments are rechargeable, smartphone compatible, and for the most part, fully automatic in their operation.

You Can’t Hide Hearing Loss

When you find yourself always asking people to speak up or repeat themselves they’ll figure out you’re having hearing issues. Fortunately, there’s technology available to help you overcome this issue. If you feel like you’re suffering from hearing loss don’t suffer any longer. Make an appointment with Countryside Hearing Aid Service in Pinellas county and Clearwater, FL today.

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