Trouble Sleeping? Here Are 5 Things That Could Help

It is estimated that around 60 million people in America struggle with sleep. This staggering figure reflects just how common sleep problems are across the country, including in Pinellas County. Poor sleep quality can have a drastic impact on people’s lives, impacting performance at work or school and leading to mental health disorders such as depression. Here are some of the natural sleep remedies that could help you if you’re struggling to relax at night. 1. Exercise at the Right Time Many people are aware that exercise could help them to get a better night of sleep. This seems to be particularly true among people who may not get much physical exercise throughout the day and therefore struggle to unwind due to having too much energy. Exercise can be a helpful tool in unwinding at night and getting better sleep. Read More +

Preventing Trips And Falls Among Older People

Older people are more prone to falling or slipping as a result of decreased mobility and reduced awareness. This affects many older people all around the world, including in Clearwater. It is estimated that more than a quarter of adults who are aged 65 or over fall every year. Three million people annually are given emergency medical treatment as a result of falling. Since falls are clearly an issue among older people, it’s important to think about the reasons behind this and what can be done to prevent trips and falls in the future. Whether you have an elderly relative or are caring for somebody who is prone to falling, there are several things that could help to reduce the risk of harm through falling or tripping. Let’s look at some of the reasons why seniors are more likely to Read More +

Medications That Could Affect Your Hearing

It is common knowledge that many medications come with a variety of side effects. Among these side effects are hearing-related problems such as hearing loss and ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus. Some medications may also affect a person’s balance or make them feel dizzy. We’ll look at some of the medications that may have hearing-related side effects and some of the steps you can take in Pinellas County to look after your hearing no matter what your age. What are Some of the Medications With Hearing-Related Side Effects? Some medications and their ingredients may have potential side effects that could affect your hearing. Here are some of the medications that may present such side effects. Quinine Quinine is a medication that is often used to treat malaria, a serious illness that causes high fever, chills, and symptoms similar Read More +

Owning A Pet: Considerations For Seniors

Owning a pet can bring many benefits, but it can also come with challenges. For older people, it’s especially important to take into consideration all the different aspects of owning a pet in Pinellas County. Being unable to look after a pet properly can be unfair to the animal and bring stress and anxiety to the owner. When considering pets for seniors, there are some important things to think about beforehand. Benefits of Owning a Pet for Seniors People of all ages can benefit from having a pet. There are many reasons why each individual might choose to own a pet, and when considering pets for seniors, there are some specific advantages to having an animal around the house. Let’s consider some of the main benefits of owning a pet for seniors. Stress reduction: When it comes to pets for Read More +

How To Reduce The Risk Of Delirium After Surgery

Delirium is something that can affect people of all ages in Pinellas County, but older people are more at risk. Delirium is characterized by confusion and often develops after surgery. Studies have concluded that delirium affects around 1 in 5 people over the age of 65 who are in hospital. The risk of delirium is higher in people who have undergone surgery, but there are various measures that can be taken in order to reduce this risk. We’ll look more at the symptoms of delirium and some of the main things that could reduce the risk of delirium when somebody has come out of surgery. A Closer Look at Delirium We know that delirium affects a relatively large proportion of people in hospitals, but what are the common symptoms of delirium? Agitation or aggression: A person experiencing delirium may become Read More +

How Vitamin K Could Help People With Dementia

Dementia affects millions of people around the world, including in Pinellas County. There are various forms of dementia, with Alzheimer’s being among the most common and widely recognized. These syndromes affect the memory, brain function, and behaviour of a person. Dementia is something that mainly impacts seniors and older people as their cognitive functions decline over the years, although it does not exclusively impact people of an older age. While there is ongoing research into dementia, there is no single cure. This is partly because dementia is a group of illnesses rather than just one condition. However, some studies have indicated that Vitamin K could be helpful in promoting better brain function, which may have positive effects on people suffering from dementia. The Basics of Dementia To better understand how Vitamin K could help people with dementia, it’s important to Read More +

Tips For Engaging In Sports While Wearing Hearing Aids

When you can’t hear what’s going on around you while playing sports, you may be left out of the game – literally. While this is never fun, you may be afraid of wearing your hearing devices and ruining them. However, it’s time to think twice about this before you hit the gym for your next workout. Today’s hearing aids are made to keep up with your active lifestyle as long as you spend a little time taking good care of them. 3 Reasons You Should Wear Your Hearing Aids During Exercise Besides the fact that you’re missing out on the game when you can’t hear what’s going on around you, there are a few other reasons you should wear your hearing device when you exercise. So, if this reason alone isn’t convincing enough for you, take a moment to look Read More +

How Seniors Can Improve Their Memory

Have you found yourself wondering what you were looking for or what you were doing? While we all occasionally ask ourselves these things, it seems to occur more frequently as we age. Although we can’t turn back our biological clock, there are some things we can do to improve on our forgetfulness. How to Improve Memory in Seniors Researchers have been studying this for quite some time now. In doing so they’ve discovered a few things that are helpful for seniors. Get Better Organized There are many things that we try to remember that we don’t need to remember if we’d only take some time to get better organized. This includes things like car keys, purses, hats, and glasses. When you have a place for everything and everything in its place life is much simpler. Make a Concerted Effort to Read More +

Tips To Keep Seniors Healthy Throughout The Year

Regardless of your age, you need to take care of your body so you don’t get sick. However, seniors need to be especially careful since a small illness can result in big complications, especially if you already have a chronic condition. Understanding What Staying Healthy Means Seniors need to make healthy choices that enable them to strengthen their immune systems. Doing so will enable you to resist many illnesses. Fortunately, none of these things are difficult to implement in your daily living. Get Active Staying healthy means getting up and getting active. This doesn’t have to be a strenuous activity. The more low-impact exercises (e.g., walking, yoga, biking, swimming) you’re involved in, the more you can fight off inflammation and infections. Seniors should engage in 20 – 30 minutes of activity each day or 150 minutes per week. You can Read More +

How To Combat Loneliness When You Have Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can lead to loneliness for a variety of reasons. When a person cannot hear properly, this can lead to them becoming disengaged from conversations and other social interactions. It can mean that they no longer enjoy the same quality of life they did before while living in Pinellas County, and this can often lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. Luckily, there are various things that can be done to help combat loneliness for someone who is suffering from hearing loss. Why Can Hearing Loss Cause Loneliness? There are some common reasons why hearing loss can result in people feeling increased levels of loneliness. Hearing loss often comes as people get older. This is a time when loneliness is likely to increase anyway, as older people retire or lose loved ones. When hearing loss and old age are Read More +