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Better Hearing since 1979!

Countryside Hearing Aid Services has been serving the greater Clearwater area since 1979. We are the only Better Business Bureau Accredited A+ Rated hearing aid office in central and north Pinellas County. We have always been a family-owned operation and our plans are to stay that way.
We offer comprehensive hearing testing, hearing aid service, and repair along with digital hearing aid programming and troubleshooting. Our primary product lines include ReSound, Oticon, and Widex.
The owners of Countryside Hearing Aid Services are Thomas R. and Laurie Lynn Mitchell. Tom and Laurie have been married since 1987 and work together daily. Our mutual goal is to provide the very best hearing aids and services while providing a very family-friendly, fun environment in which to do business.

Hearing Aids



ReSound ONE – Designed for ultimate comfort, discretion, and performance! The most complete and individualized sound experience ReSound ONE delivers easier-to-follow conversations with…



Released in January 2021, the Sonic Innovations Radiant series represents incredible sound quality with what we have found to be the most reliable hearing aid platform currently available. The Radiant’s predecessor…



Introducing the Widex Moment!
Widex was the first hearing aid manufacturer to introduce 100% digital hearing aids to the general public in 1996. Since then, Widex has…


Countryside Hearing Aids also offers the following products and services:

  • Custom earmolds for swimmers
  • Specialty musician earmolds and music monitor…


    Why Countryside Hearing Aids

    Why Countryside Hearing Aids

    Remember, at Countryside Hearing Aids:

    • We don’t pay commissions (15% to 25%) to Hearing Aid Specialists and Audiologists!
    • We don’t pay franchise fees nor are we entangled with manufacturer loyalty agreements.
    • We don’t use “bait and switch” advertising like so many do. You know, the small hearing aid is only good up to 35dB that’s being sold for a few hundred dollars (that’s the bait).
    • We don’t run full-page $20,000 newspaper ads and expect you to pay for them.
    • We don’t spend tremendous sums of money on TV advertising and pass the bill on to you.

    Call 727-796-1161 today and schedule an appointment. The consultation is free – the information you receive is priceless.

    Free Telephone with every qualified hearing evaluation!
    CapTel 840i

    **Requires telephone service and high-speed Internet access


    Consultation and Hearing Evaluation

    Using the information you have provided from the patient information sheet, your hearing professional will discuss your hearing concerns with you, asking you for more details…

    Hearing Aid Maintenance

    At Countryside Hearing Aids we have all the tools necessary to clean, service, and tune up your hearing instruments. Digital Hearing Aid programming is our specialty and with decades of hearing aid experience…

    Hearing Aid Repairs

    Minor repairs to your hearing aids and earmolds may be completed on the same day, although in certain circumstances you may need to leave your hearing aids with us. Repairs, which cannot be…


    Helped us out twice in three days with my Dad’s hearing aids! Great place! Highly re commended for their Customer Service. Tom & Jennifer are fantastic!
    I was in Clearwater visiting my elderly mother a couple of weeks ago and took her for a hearing aid check. She was long overdue. Thomas was very patient and kind to her and stressed the importance of maintenance for her hearing aids. The whole experience was pleasant and professional. I would highly recommend.
    I had experience with 2 other hearing aid audiologists in the past and had ongoing problems with both hearing aides. It wasn't until I started working with Dr. Mitchell at Countryside that I realized what I had been missing. Dr. Mitchell (Tom)'s level of expertise is far beyond what you will encounter with many other audiologists. I am extremely pleased with the product. The level of knowledge, follow up and willingness to work within your budget is a 5. Jennifer, his office manager is a gem. You will be as happy as I am if you contact Countryside for your hearing aide needs.
    I am in the area on vacation and my hearing aid stopped working. If you have a hearing problem, you know the panic that ensues when your aids malfunction. I was going to change my flight to get back to my audiologist as I am virtually dysfunctional without it. I called the hearing aid company and they referred me to Countryside. Jennifer could not have been more understanding or empathetic. She made an emergency appointment for me that day and Tom fixed my hearing aid in 15 minutes. I am relieved beyond words and I could not be more grateful. If I lived here - there is not doubt they'd be my hearing specialists! (Plus they have candy in their office) :-)
    My mom’s hearing aids have been giving her trouble for a while and we didn’t want to go back the original place we bought them from. I was researching repair places and found this place not to far from home. Called and was able to get an appointment quickly. Jennifer was terrific and very helpful. Tom fixed them in a mere minute or two and made sure that mom was comfortable putting them back in. Repair prices very reasonable. Thank you so much for your help.
    Brought my mother there for her first set of hearing aids. Everyone treated her with respect and patience as she navigated her new devices. She was listened to and heard with her concerns. Excellent experience from start to finish!
    I was looking for a knowledgeable hearing aid specialist who could take care of a situation that another provider would not or did not have the expertise. After searching for a local hearing aid provider, I came across Tom Mitchell of Countryside Hearing. Even though he was not in my medical plan network, he was close to home. His name was familiar to me from others I know, so I gave him a call. Jennifer, his Office Manager, who answered was the most pleasant person to speak with and made an appointment for me right away. On my appointment, he checked my hearing aids and corrected all of the issues. As he has been servicing clients for many years, he had everything in stock to repair and calibrate, so there was no leaving my hearing aids with him to pick up at a later date. That too was an addeded convenience. So appreciative that Tom and Jennifer took time out to assist me and solve the frustrating problem I was having.
    If I could give more than 5 I would. Excellent service and outstanding feel the moment I walked in the door. I had a repair only this time but they are going to be my choice for an upgrade. Absolutely perfect experience and very friendly. Tom and Jennifer were just amazing. Thank you and I will see you soon
    Best hearing aid service I have experienced and I have needed hearing assistance for over a decade now. My treatment here has been the best. Tom & Jennifer have cleaned and maintained quarterly (at no charge) the hearing aids better than I have received at prior establishments. My prior place did not even offer this service. They were an advocate for me when my hearing aids needed to be sent back to the manufacturer for service. They have replaced the tips and ear module multiple times as the Florida humidity can be hard on the devices. I am moving away and I will miss their dedication, no doubt, as I try to find a place to help me at my new location.
    Tom and Jennifer make each patient and family member feel special. They’re professionals who truly understand the importance of patient education, treatment options and follow up. Simply the best!

    Have questions? The consultation is free – the information you receive is priceless.

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    Better Hearing since 1979!
    Countryside Hearing Aid Services
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    Providing hearing aids & test services in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Largo, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Oldsmar, and Tarpon Springs FL.