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Better Hearing since 1979!

Countryside Hearing Aid Services has been serving the greater Clearwater area since 1979. We are the only Better Business Bureau Accredited A+ Rated hearing aid office in central and north Pinellas County. We have always been a family-owned operation and our plans are to stay that way.
We offer comprehensive hearing testing, hearing aid service, and repair along with digital hearing aid programming and troubleshooting. Our primary product lines include ReSound, Oticon, and Widex.
The owners of Countryside Hearing Aid Services are Thomas R. and Laurie Lynn Mitchell. Tom and Laurie have been married since 1987 and work together daily. Our mutual goal is to provide the very best hearing aids and services while providing a very family-friendly, fun environment in which to do business.

Hearing Aids



ReSound ONE – Designed for ultimate comfort, discretion, and performance! The most complete and individualized sound experience ReSound ONE delivers easier-to-follow conversations with…



Released in January 2021, the Sonic Innovations Radiant series represents incredible sound quality with what we have found to be the most reliable hearing aid platform currently available. The Radiant’s predecessor…



Introducing the Widex Moment!
Widex was the first hearing aid manufacturer to introduce 100% digital hearing aids to the general public in 1996. Since then, Widex has…


Countryside Hearing Aids also offers the following products and services:

  • Custom earmolds for swimmers
  • Specialty musician earmolds and music monitor…


    Why Countryside Hearing Aids

    Why Countryside Hearing Aids

    Remember, at Countryside Hearing Aids:

    • We don’t pay commissions (15% to 25%) to Hearing Aid Specialists and Audiologists!
    • We don’t pay franchise fees nor are we entangled with manufacturer loyalty agreements.
    • We don’t use “bait and switch” advertising like so many do. You know, the small hearing aid is only good up to 35dB that’s being sold for a few hundred dollars (that’s the bait).
    • We don’t run full-page $20,000 newspaper ads and expect you to pay for them.
    • We don’t spend tremendous sums of money on TV advertising and pass the bill on to you.

    Call 727-796-1161 today and schedule an appointment. The consultation is free – the information you receive is priceless.

    Free Telephone with every qualified hearing evaluation!
    CapTel 840i

    **Requires telephone service and high-speed Internet access


    Consultation and Hearing Evaluation

    Using the information you have provided from the patient information sheet, your hearing professional will discuss your hearing concerns with you, asking you for more details…

    Hearing Aid Maintenance

    At Countryside Hearing Aids we have all the tools necessary to clean, service, and tune up your hearing instruments. Digital Hearing Aid programming is our specialty and with decades of hearing aid experience…

    Hearing Aid Repairs

    Minor repairs to your hearing aids and earmolds may be completed on the same day, although in certain circumstances you may need to leave your hearing aids with us. Repairs, which cannot be…

    Have questions? The consultation is free – the information you receive is priceless.

    Our Office

    Better Hearing since 1979!
    Countryside Hearing Aid Services
    Cypress Point Shopping Center
    25829 US 19 N
    Clearwater, FL 33763


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