Why Seniors Should Consider Retirement In Florida

What You Must Know About Retiring to Florida

You’ve finally made it to the age when you’re ready to retire. You’re looking forward to spending time relaxing and doing those things in your dreams. Now should be the best time in your life.

As you spend some time thinking and dreaming about this time, you’ll come to understand that there are a few big decisions you’ll need to make. One of the significant decisions for you as a senior is where you’ll spend your retirement.

There are many places throughout the United States from which you can choose. Some say that Florida is the best place to retire, though. Take some time to understand their reasons and think about whether they’re right for you.

The Advantages of Retiring in Florida

It may sound cliche for a senior to say that they want to spend their retirement in Florida. However, there are many great reasons for them to do so.

1. Sunshine

Florida (a.k.a. “The Sunshine State”) boasts around 230 days of sunshine yearly. With its subtropical climate, you’ll enjoy warm summers and mild winters. You’ll also enjoy mild winters with temperatures between 40 – 60 F.

2. Tax Breaks

Seniors will discover that Florida is a tax-friendly state. Here you’ll be able to retain more of your retirement money than in any other state. You won’t be faced with state, Social Security, estate, or inheritance taxes. You’ll also find that property taxes are reasonable.

3. White, Sandy Beaches

Florida has 1,200 miles of beaches running from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Ocean. These beaches have lush, white sand, gentle breezes, and plenty of sun. Seniors will enjoy spending their retirement walking along the beach, spending time with their grandchildren building sandcastles, and exploring sites like the 19th-century lighthouse on Sanibel Island.

4. Social Life

When you retire in Florida, you’re likely to remain active and social. Since Florida attracts seniors from all over the country, retirees are more likely to make friends fast, bonding over shared new experiences and setting out on an adventure together – away from their home state.

Since Florida has a large senior population, you can choose from a variety of active communities. Moving into a community exclusively for adults 55 and over can help new Florida transplants make friends and find a strong sense of community.

5. Health Care

One of the things you’ll appreciate about retirement in Florida is that you’ll have easy access to world-renowned, high-quality healthcare. Geriatric professionals are plentiful in this state because they know so many older adults choose to live here.

6. Arts and Culture

People from around the world have been drawn to Florida because of everything the state has to offer. For this reason, Florida has become a melting pot of cultures. You’ll see this in the wide variety of art museums, concerts, and restaurants available from which you can choose. This variety offers you a global experience without the hassles of traveling.

Choosing to Make the Move

Now that you’ve taken some time to consider all the benefits of moving to Florida, you may decide that this is the right place for you to live. You’ll find a lot of great things to do and see in Pinellas County, FL. However, none of them will be gratifying if you can’t hear what’s happening around you.

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