5 Top Tips For Looking After Your Hearing Aids

Looking After Your Hearing Aids

To maximize the effectiveness of your hearing aids in Clearwater, it’s crucial to properly care for them. These useful devices can transform the lives of people who live with hearing loss and other hearing problems. While hearing aids do not generally require huge amounts of upkeep, failing to take the proper precautions can result in costly repairs or even replacements. Here are some of our top tips for looking after your hearing aids.

  • Keep Them Stored in a Dry Place
    Taking steps to prevent dampness or water from getting into your hearing aids is an important part of looking after these devices. When you are not wearing them, make sure you keep them stored in a dry and clean place. You should open the battery doors to allow air to get through the whole hearing aid and avoid the risk of moisture building up inside and causing damage. Furthermore, store your hearing aids in a place where they are not susceptible to damage from other people or pets in the household.
  • Stay Away from Water
    Many hearing aids are designed to be resistant to some level of water, which means that you can wear them in light rain without worrying too much about damage occurring. However, heavy rains or full submersion in water can quickly damage your hearing aids, so it is important to be mindful of this. People who wear hearing aids frequently may become accustomed to them over time and even forget that they are inside their ears. Take precautions to stay away from situations with heavy rains and avoid ever submerging your hearing aids fully in water.
  • Clean Your Hearing Aids Regularly
    Cleaning your hearing aids on a regular basis will help to preserve the hearing aids as well as promote better ear health and hearing health generally. The build-up of earwax can cause problems for your hearing and impact the performance of your hearing aids. Identify the right type of wax filter for your hearing aids and replace it regularly to keep them in the best possible condition. If you are not sure which filters to buy, speak to a hearing specialist in Clearwater.
  • Replace the Batteries
    One of the reasons why it is important to keep your hearing aids dry is because moisture can quickly impact the batteries and create damage. When the batteries in your hearing aids begin to erode, this can cause problems and damage the inside components. If you do not need to wear your hearing aids for a prolonged period, take out the batteries during this time. You should replace them when needed – monitor how long your batteries seem to last so that you can be better prepared the next time.
  • Consider Professional Cleaning
    Consider investing in professional cleaning services for your hearing aids every few months. This can help you to keep your hearing aids in great condition and give you peace of mind that you are taking all the necessary steps to preserve their value. A hearing aid specialist will also be able to check that the hearing aids are working correctly and that there are no further issues or concerns to be aware of.

Get Help with Looking After Your Hearing Aids
If you want to explore options for hearing aids or find out more about how to look after them, you can get in touch with your local hearing specialists in Clearwater, FL. Find out more today from the team at Countryside Hearing Aid Services.

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