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Playing Sports Improves Your Hearing

The brain’s ability to process sounds may be improved when you play sports. With this discovery, it’s possible the people with hearing issues could have new therapies opened up to them. There’s no argument that sports improve a person’s physical fitness level. However, we don’t typically think about the brain here. This is according to the study’s author, Nina Kraus who works at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois as a professor of communication sciences and neurobiology. What Kraus’ study is saying is that playing sports can help your brain have a better understanding of your sensory environment. In Kraus’ study, there was a total of 495 male and female athletes who attended Northwestern University. There were another 493 non-athletes who also participated in this study. All of the students were sex-matched so that this wasn’t a random control variable. Throughout Read More +

Understanding Sudden Hearing Loss

When you suddenly develop hearing loss you should see your doctor right away as this will help you be more likely to fully recover. This is what’s known as Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSNHL). It usually only affects one ear (hence why it’s called unilateral) it will leave you unable to distinguish where sounds are coming from. Sometimes it’s possible to save some of your hearing ability and amplify it with a hearing aid. What SSNHL Is This loss of hearing can either occur all at once or for a few days. Regardless of how long it takes to happen, it occurs in one in every 5,000 adults each year. Since this is only the number of people who report the problem, many may suffer without saying anything. This is because they assume that it’s allergies, a sinus infection, or Read More +

Menopause And The Link To Hearing Loss

It’s somewhat complicated to decide whether taking hormone therapy (HT) for menopausal symptoms is the right answer for you. Both the risks and the benefits must be considered with your doctor. However, you should know that there’s new research that demonstrates the link between this and the need for hearing aids. Research Studies Weigh In Currently, there’s a lot of mixed results regarding menopause’s effects on a person’s hearing. This is also true of HT. However, according to preliminary research taking estrogen can protect your hearing. One study conducted by Dr. Sharon Curhan, MD, from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that taking HT (both pills and patches) can increase your risk of having hearing issues. In this study, 47,000 females were followed for 22 years. At the end of the study, it was concluded that taking HT for Read More +

The Relationship Between Poor Hearing And Poor Memory

You may be surprised to learn that about 15% of American adults suffer from some form of hearing loss according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). One of the things that play a major role here is age. It is estimated that about one-quarter of American seniors who are between the ages of 65 – 74 and half of the American seniors who are over the age of 75 face some form of hearing decline. This in comparison to the approximately one-third of seniors who are suffering from hearing loss throughout the world today. How Research Weighs in on Hearing Decline Rodolfo Sardone from the NIH and Italy’s University of Bari recently conducted a new research study in which he and his team took a look at the link between hearing loss and memory issues (especially mild cognitive impairment Read More +