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Tips To Help Seniors Stay Well Through The Pandemic

Everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, most seniors are at a higher risk of contracting the disease, suffering from its complications, and even dying from it. This is why it’s so important for you to take care of your health. One way to do so is by exercising. There are many great ways to do this throughout the pandemic. Get Your Daily Steps In You should take a 30-minute walk every day. Doing so will help give your immune system a great boost. When the weather is nice, try to take a walk outdoors. Of course, you should always avoid crowded places and socially distance yourself from those around you. The best way to get your walk-in is by setting a daily goal for steps. Doing so will motivate you to walk more. If you can’t walk Read More +

The Impact Cold Weather And Moisture Have On Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids and their batteries can be damaged by cold weather and moisture. This is because temperature changes can cause condensation to occur which damages its internal components. Signs of Moisture Damage Moisture may ruin your hearing aids’ microphone and receiver. It can also clog its earmold tubing, resulting in corrosion. You’ll know that you need hearing aids maintenance in a few different ways including: They’ll cut out during a loud noise The sound will fade in and out Static punctuates everything you hear Sounds seem unclear, even distorted Your hearing aid will suddenly stop working then start again Hearing Aids Maintenance Tips Before you get too concerned that your hearing aids malfunctioning you should know there are some hearing aids maintenance tips you can follow, including: Make sure your hearing aids are turned on Make sure the batteries are Read More +

Early Warning Signs Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has a way of sneaking up on you gradually. It’ll steal your hearing in very small increments. Suddenly you’ll find yourself straining to understand a conversation or missing out on some of your favorite sounds. While only a qualified hearing professional can tell you for certain if you have a problem, there are 5 signs you should watch for. Difficulty Hearing Consonant Sounds When you’re older you may develop a type of hearing loss that’s known as Presbycusis. This happens when you can no longer hear high-frequency sounds. In the speech, this refers to the consonant sounds of F, K, P, S, Sh, T, and V. These are important because they help you distinguish between words that sound alike (e.g. show/throw, peep/keep). When you don’t have hearing aids you may not be able to understand some important parts Read More +