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Common Causes Of Fatigue When Aging

When you’re aging you may notice that your energy level starts to decline. You may even find yourself in need of an afternoon nap. In this, you’re not alone. In fact, the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society says that about one-third of adults over the age of 51 experience fatigue. The real problem with seniors health happens when you don’t feel refreshed even after a good night’s sleep or if you feel tired for weeks on end. Common Causes of Fatigue When Aging While endurance does decline as you age, causing you to tire more easily, fatigue isn’t natural. There are a few different reasons why you may be feeling it. Medical Issues There are some illnesses (e.g. flu, rheumatoid arthritis, infections, cancer, hypothyroidism) that can make you feel fatigued. One of the biggest seniors health issues here is Read More +

How Dogs Improve Seniors’ Health

It’s growing clearer that owning a dog is good for senior health. This is especially true regarding your cardiovascular health. Dogs also help reduce stress. Therefore many people have concluded that if you want to live longer you should get a dog. This is why many doctors suggest getting a dog and many nursing home facilities allow them as well. How Research Weighs in on Dog Ownership The University of Pennsylvania has conducted a study regarding how dog ownership impacts senior health. In doing so they discovered that 4,396 people, aged 65 years or older ended up in the hospital emergency room in 2017 with either a fracture or a broken bone that was caused by walking their dog on a leash. This information was obtained from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System database of the US Consumer Product Safety Read More +

Driving Risks For Seniors With Hearing And Vision Impairments

Being able to drive is an important part of maintaining your independence and quality of life regardless of your age. However, as we get older certain age-related changes do make it more difficult to do certain things. For instance, most seniors say that they are concerned about being unable to drive. This isn’t surprising when you discover that automobile crashes are one of the leading causes of death among the elderly – a risk that increases among people, who have hearing loss. Research on Seniors’ Driving and Health Seniors face a lot of different issues that make it more dangerous for them to drive a car such as the loss of cognitive functioning, intact coordination, vision, and motor control as well as their growing inability to maintain attention. Studies on seniors and these health impairments show that when a person’s Read More +

Super Foods For Super Seniors

A healthy diet will help to greatly improve seniors’ lifestyles. In specific, there are some superfoods that contain special health benefits that you should know about. Dark Leafy Greens Things like spinach, kale, dandelion greens, and arugula are essential to your diet. This is because they contain high doses of Vitamin K which helps your blood clot and makes your bones less fragile. Green Tea To help with your digestion and boosting your immune system seniors should drink green tea. Drinking a few cups will also ring you some relief when you’re suffering from constipation or if you find yourself prone to overeating. Blueberries Packed with antioxidants, blueberries will help fight off heart disease. Salmon Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon will help lower your risk of developing heart disease by lowering your blood fat count. In stores, wild salmon Read More +