If You Want Healthy Ears, Do These!

If You Want Healthy Ears, Do These!Health, they say, is wealth. Even the tiniest scratch can turn to something life-threatening if care is not taken. All body parts are important, but some, like the ears, are extremely important and can hardly be done without. Your hearing health should not be put at risk. Thus, whether you already have damage to your ears or not, these five steps will help you prevent further damage or damage at all, respectively.

1. Exercise
Exercising does a lot of good for the body. What you may not know is that exercise improves hearing health as well. According to experts, while exercising, blood flow stimulates the hair cells in the ears which transmit electrical impulses to the brain and allows people to hear. Unlike most cells in the body, hair cells do not regenerate when they die. So, anything that will keep them from dying is highly advised. You do not need to exercise for hours or the whole day, to stimulate those hair cells. A 30-minute walk or short run daily will suffice. Kindly seek your doctor’s approval before exercising, if you have any underlying health condition.

2. Reduce the Noise
Noise pollution is not only irritating, but it is also risky for your hearing health. Noise is not just limited to external disturbances from the environment. Even the high volume of music from your phone or stereo is enough to damage your ears. Exposing your ears to noise higher than 85 decibels will ruin them in the long run. To prevent hearing loss from noise: use hearing aids if you work in a very noisy environment, listen to your music or television on low but audible volumes, move away from noisy places if you can help them. Protect your little children from the noise too, since they do not know better.

3. Quit Smoking
This may be news to you, but smoking can impair your hearing health in irreversible ways. If you are a smoker reading this, now may be a good time to stop. Research carried out by scientists from the University of Manchester, shows that smokers are more than 20 times at risk of developing hearing loss than non-smokers. Their study led them to suggest that the toxins in cigarette – especially nicotine, tighten the blood vessels and make it difficult for oxygen to reach the hair cells. So, the earlier, the better. If you have difficulties with quitting, there are tips that can help.

4. See a Doctor
If you have to increase your television or music higher than usual, to hear properly, your hearing health may have been compromised. See an ear professional immediately because if a hearing issue is addressed early, the effects may be reversible. Better to be safe than sorry.

5. Wear Your Hearing Aids as Recommended
This tip is for people who have been diagnosed with ear issues and have been given hearing aids to improve their hearing. The more frequently you wear them, the fewer chances of you worsening the situation. Hearing aids amplify sound waves that are sent to the brain. If you do not wear your hearing aids regularly, the brain part for a hearing will be compromised. When this happens, your mental health can also be affected because you would not want to stay around other people since you have hearing difficulties.
People who are healthy and have a sound hearing can be more productive. Thus, the ears should not be neglected. At Countryside Hearing Aid Services, we do not take hearing health for granted. Our services include providing the best hearing aids to those who need them and giving optimum ear consultations to our clients.

Picture Credit: 123rf.com