5 Effective Exercises To Improve Immunity For Women At 50

5 Effective Exercises To Improve Immunity For Women At 50The human body undergoes a lot of stress in its lifetime. From walking, to dancing and carrying out daily activities, there is so much it takes. Thus, it is not surprising that as individuals age, their immune system also gets weaker than it used to be in their youth. This is why for most people, old age comes with a lot of diseases, the majority of them being chronic conditions. After middle age, the immune system starts taking a dive; it is imperative to find ways to make it stronger and ready to fight diseases. For the women at 50 and above, the exercises below will do the job.

1. Walking

This is perhaps the oldest form of exercise. Anybody can walk as long as they have functional limbs. Walking will be easy and beneficial for you as a woman at 50 and older because you will not have to do much except put on some comfy clothes and find a good terrain. The benefits of walking are limitless. Not only does it reduce inflammation and burn calories, but brisk walking also reduces the chances of heart attacks, osteoporosis, diabetes, and joint pains. Walking also keeps backaches and anxiety at bay.

2. Yoga

If you are a woman at 50 who prefers being healthy from home, yoga is a good choice for you. This old practice of mediation clears the mind and relaxes the body. Modern yoga exercises generally called asanas are believed to boost immunity and significantly reduce the chance of harmful micro-organisms thriving in the body. Yoga poses like bow pose, fish pose, plow pose, and cobra pose are effective at increasing the flow of energy to the body and strengthening the muscles.

3. Swimming

For a woman at 50 who want something intense but does not want to walk or run, swimming is just perfect. In addition to being a fun and soothing activity, swimming is a cardiovascular exercise. This means that swimming strengthens your heart muscles. As a plus, it also works the muscles of the shoulders, back and arms, stimulating blood flow, and ultimately keeping you in optimum health.

4. Strength Training

This form of exercise is great for an older woman who wants some sort of challenge – especially one who does not have an existing health condition. If you want to strength train, it is advisable to meet a certified trainer who will access you and tell you what forms of strength exercises will be suitable for you. Strength training exercises range from weight machine exercises and the use of resistance elastics.

5. Cycling

Whether you are a woman at 50 or older, you can never go wrong with riding a bicycle – that is, unless you just cannot cycle. But if you can, go ahead and put those pedals to work! Scientists believe that the thymus glands of cyclists produce more T-cells, compared to their sedentary counterparts. The T-cells are one of the most important fighter cells of the immune system; they are always alert to wage war against intruding pathogens. So, if you want an active immune system into your eighties, you really should consider cycling. The good thing about this exercise is that a little goes a long way. Cycling for at least 30 minutes each day is a sufficient immune booster.

Note that exercises can take their toll or even cause injuries if not done correctly. Therefore, not only should you check with your doctor before doing tasking exercises, you should always use the correct gear and adopt proper positions for each form of exercise.

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