Is Your Hearing Loss Temporary Or Permanent?

Is Your Hearing Loss Temporary Or Permanent?

Is your hearing not what it used to be? Approximately forty-eight million Americans are suffering from some degree of worsened hearing. Hearing loss has numerous causes, ranging from aging to viral infections. Depending on which it is, your hearing loss may be temporary or permanent.

Are you suffering from hearing loss? Act today.

If you have suffered from a rapid onset of hearing loss, but are unable to rule out any obvious causes, consult your doctor. You may be suffering from harmful inflammation which can be effectively treated with steroids. If treatment is not sought out in ample time, this hearing loss may become permanent.

Should I see a doctor for my hearing loss?

Below is a short checklist to help you decide if treatment is necessary

  • Have you recently been exposed to several hours of loud noises? (a concert or firearm range)
  • Have you recently suffered from a cold or ear infection?
  • Have you recently performed strenuous exercise?
  • Have you been under any form of extreme stress?

If you do not fall into any of these categories, you may be suffering from sudden sensorineural hearing loss, which requires immediate medical treatment.

What are some common causes of temporary hearing loss?

Most temporary hearing loss happens gradually over time. Temporary hearing loss may also be the result of an obstruction of the ear canal or a similar health-related condition, including:

Ear infection

Many of us have suffered an ear infection at some point, which often develop from a severe cold, causing temporary hearing loss.  Although most ear infections occur in children, they can occur at any age. While ear infections most commonly clear up naturally, it is never a bad idea to consult your doctor about the issue.

Excessive earwax

Earwax is produced by the hair follicles and glands of your inner ear. This wax generally falls out of your ears naturally but may require a gentle washing. However occasionally, the wax builds up and blocks the ear canal, often resulting in “plugged ears”, “ringing in your ear (tinnitus), or even slight hearing loss. The ideal way to remove this wax is with a warm washcloth, however if this doesn’t alleviate the pressure, consult your physician. Don’t attempt to remove the wax with objects such as pins or cotton swabs, as you may push the wax deeper into your ear canal and perforate your eardrum.

Strenuous exercise or extreme stress

Believe it or not, exercise can cause hearing loss. If you happen to exercise beyond your fitness level, you may suffer from temporary hearing loss. While the issue will generally subside within a few hours, if it continues, consult your doctor. Being under extreme stress may also cause hearing loss so relaxation is key.

Loud noise

It’s not uncommon to suffer from temporary hearing loss after being exposed to excessively loud noise, a phenomenon known as noise-induced hearing loss. While this form of hearing loss is usually temporary and will subside, always come equipped with proper ear protection.

Common causes of permanent hearing loss

Prolonged exposure to excessive noise

While exposure to excessive noise may temporarily worsen your hearing, repeated exposure may cause permanent hearing loss. The best way to prevent this is to wear ear protection when under exposure to these noises.

Age related hearing loss

Age related hearing loss, or presbycusis, is common. Most people suffer from gradual hearing loss as they age, often noticing a difference by age seventy-five. Treating this hearing loss can be important, as hearing aids not only improve hearing, but reduce the risk of conditions like dementia.

Health conditions

Many conditions can cause hearing loss, including genetic disorders, autoimmune conditions, viral infections, and even head trauma. There are even medications known to cause hearing loss in those taking them.

Get help for your hearing loss

If you have reason to believe that your hearing has changed, consult your doctor. And if the time comes where you need hearing assistance, consult Country Hearing Aid Services. Their professionals will be able to help you on your path to a new mode of hearing, taking care of you every step of the way.

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