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Exploring How Hearing Loss Leads To Depression

Today, 1 in 3 adults over the age of 60 have hearing loss, with 4 in 5 adults over 80 having the same condition. These numbers are global, and effect people in countries around the world. Hearing loss is, in some respects, a natural part of aging, as overtime exposure to noise and declining health conditions all cause hearing to decline. However, there are more severe consequences to hearing loss than the inability to hear itself. As doctors and politicians have slowly begun to discover, hearing loss has a severe impact on the mental health of the hearing impaired. And as people grow older and life expectancies extend, it is vital that the aging population is able to lead rich and fulfilling lives. Some of the consequences of hearing loss include increased dependence and extreme social isolation, both of which Read More +

Improving Your Hearing Health

Many times you are not sure whether you are experiencing hearing loss. Are you worried about your hearing loss getting worse? Here are some tips for helping you boost your hearing health. It doesn’t matter whether you are diagnosed with hearing loss or not you can do these things for minimizing the risk of your hearing health worse. These things will also aid in improving your overall health. 1. Solve puzzles to improve your hearing health: Your brain plays a significant role in the processing of the sound information that reaches the ears and it is not possible to ignore it. Medical research has indicated that there is a link between mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and hearing health. This is probably because of brain atrophy when the brain cells and their connections are damaged. Solving puzzles such as Read More +

Tips For Improving Your Hearing Health

Are you struggling to hear the sound coming from your TV? Are you asking others around you to repeat themselves all the time? If yes, keep in mind that you are not alone. Around 35 million American citizens are suffering from hearing loss to some extent. Although there have been impressive advances in the field of hearing aids, there are many other things you can do as well that can aid you in improving your hearing before professional intervention becomes an absolute necessity. Here are some recommendations. Skip smoking If there is another reason to quit smoking the smokers need this is it. Research has suggested that smoking can more than double the risk of hearing loss. The main reason is that flow of blood and oxygen circulation is critical for maintaining healthy cells inside the inner ear. Both these Read More +

Fears Related to Wearing Hearing Aids

It is significant that you have good hearing and if there are any concerns regarding hearing loss you need to contact professionals. There are many people out there who are suffering from hearing loss. But only a small minority of these people opt for wearing hearing aids. This is thanks mainly to the many worries they have related to hearing aids. The worries related to hearing aids also indicate that people are seeking a solution to their hearing loss issues. But they are placing themselves at the risk of other related conditions such as dementia and depression by not wearing the hearing aids. Let’s learn about the common fears about wearing hearing aids. 1. Hearing aids are perceived as a sign of aging: Many people worry about the fact that wearing hearing aids will make them look older. But the Read More +