Tips For Improving Your Hearing Health

Tips For Improving Your Hearing HealthAre you struggling to hear the sound coming from your TV? Are you asking others around you to repeat themselves all the time? If yes, keep in mind that you are not alone. Around 35 million American citizens are suffering from hearing loss to some extent. Although there have been impressive advances in the field of hearing aids, there are many other things you can do as well that can aid you in improving your hearing before professional intervention becomes an absolute necessity. Here are some recommendations.

Skip smoking

If there is another reason to quit smoking the smokers need this is it. Research has suggested that smoking can more than double the risk of hearing loss. The main reason is that flow of blood and oxygen circulation is critical for maintaining healthy cells inside the inner ear. Both these things get hampered by the presence of carbon monoxide and nicotine. Smoking is also responsible for irritating the middle ear lining and it disturbs the normal functioning of the Eustachian tube.

Use the hearing aids

When you are diagnosed with hearing loss and have been prescribed hearing aids as treatment, it is a good idea that you wear them the way it has been recommended. This amplification provides the much-needed brain boost for the ears and sends the sound waves to the brain more effectively. Hearing aids are also good for your overall health and especially mental health.

Get Exercise

The ears detect sounds but it is your brain that interprets these signals. If you do exercises that strengthen the comprehension and hearing skills of the brain, it may help you become a better listener. One of the activities you can try is to go for a walk on the beach, or some other similar scenic place without any man-made noises around. Try to note down everything you hear from the wind blowing to birds chirping. Continue the exercise for many days continuously and become attuned to the noise of the ambiance.

Consume a lot of vitamins

Many vitamins and minerals are thought to perhaps provide some improvement in hearing and ear functioning. Folic acid improves the circulation inside the ears and increases energy production in the cells that are responsible for hearing. Magnesium is responsible for improving the nerve function in the auditory system and prevents damage to the inner lining of the arteries. Zinc can protect the hair cells in the ear that are responsible for producing vibrations that send electric signals to the brain. It also supports the immune system of your body and helps in preventing ear infections. B vitamins offer several benefits to the ears that include fluid level regulation and optimization of the oxygen usage.

One of the better ways of improving hearing health is by establishing a relationship with a hearing health care professional that is trustworthy. This person can provide you a fundamental hearing evaluation for deciding the current condition of your hearing. Contact Countryside Hearing Aid Services to find out more about your hearing and your hearing needs.

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