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Coronavirus Face Masks And Hearing Aids

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads its tentacles throughout the world, there are many problems people are facing with their day-to-day chores. For some senior citizens suffering from hearing loss wearing their face mask while going to the grocery store has become a pain especially if they need an over-the-ear hearing aid. The face mask elastic band is commonly placed over the ears for securing it and it can get in the way of the cabling which connects the speaker to the hearing aid. Apart from Read More +

Reduce Dementia Risks By Using Hearing Aids

Recently there was a French scientific study which took into consideration nearly 3800 elderly people who were followed over 25 years. It found out that the elderly people who are suffering from hearing loss and are not using hearing aids are at a greater risk of getting dementia. This study also stated that people using hearing aids mitigated the raised risk of dementia. According to the study, people using hearing aids were at a lower risk than compared to those reporting no hearing loss. There Read More +