Communication With People Suffering From Hearing Loss

Communication With People Suffering From Hearing LossGood communication requires the efforts of everyone involved in the conversation. Even if the person who has hearing loss is making use of hearing aids and is using active listening strategies; others involved in the conversation must be mindful as well. Here are some examples that will help.

1. Face the person suffering from hearing loss: Always face the hearing impaired individual so that they can get visual speech cues. Ensure that the conversation takes place in good lighting. Face to face is vastly preferable than sitting off to the side.

2. Speak clearly and don’t talk to a person from another room: When you are communicating with a person suffering from hearing loss you need to speak slowly, clearly, distinctly, and also naturally. There is no need to shout or perform exaggerated mouth movements as shouting distorts the normal speech and makes reading the speech even more difficult. Never talk with a person who is in another room. If you are unable to see the person speaking it is common to find that others have difficulty in understanding what is being said.

3. Do not speak too quickly: Try to avoid speaking too quickly and using complex sentences. Always pronounce the person’s name before starting the communication. It allows the listener to concentrate on the conversation and reduces the chances of missing the words at the start. Slow down deliberately and add pauses between phrases and sentences. Wait to ensure that the listener has understood what you have said and then move on.

4. Do not cover your face while communicating: Keep the hands away from the face when you are talking. When you are chewing, reading, watching TV or eating while you speak, your speech will be tough to understand.

5. Keep in mind the sources of distraction: Be aware of the possible sound distortion sources for the hearing loss patient. They might be able to hear your voice but will have difficulty in listening to some of your words. Background noise is always tough for people with hearing loss. Hearing aids certainly help, but it can still be very challenging.

6. Difficulty in understanding a specific phrase: Sometimes the person with hearing loss has difficulty in understanding a specific phrase or word. In case of this problem find an alternate phrase or word or a different way of saying the same phrase. It is a better idea than repeating the phrase over. Also, make sure that the listener understands the topic of conversation and there is no sudden change in topic.

7. Ask the person to repeat back the information: When you are providing specific information like time, place, or phone numbers to a person using hearing aids, get them to repeat back the info to you. Some words and numbers sound similar. Provide the information in writing as much as possible.
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