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How Often Should You Get Your Hearing Checked?

How often should you get your hearing checked? Several factors should be considered when deciding on the frequency of a hearing test. First, you should understand the difference between a hearing test and a screening for hearing loss. Hearing screenings are often conducted when there are not any symptoms of loss. They could consist of a simple questionnaire or online test. Children often receive screenings for hearing loss at certain ages, typically at birth, as infants and again during their school-age years. Adults who work in jobs with unusually high noise levels may also participate in hearing screenings to monitor them for any job-related hearing loss. Hearing testing is a more in depth approach and is conducted when you or a family member report a problem to a medical professional. This type of test is called a “comprehensive hearing exam” Read More +

5 Effective Exercises To Improve Immunity For Women At 50

The human body undergoes a lot of stress in its lifetime. From walking, to dancing and carrying out daily activities, there is so much it takes. Thus, it is not surprising that as individuals age, their immune system also gets weaker than it used to be in their youth. This is why for most people, old age comes with a lot of diseases, the majority of them being chronic conditions. After middle age, the immune system starts taking a dive; it is imperative to find ways to make it stronger and ready to fight diseases. For the women at 50 and above, the exercises below will do the job. 1. Walking This is perhaps the oldest form of exercise. Anybody can walk as long as they have functional limbs. Walking will be easy and beneficial for you as a woman Read More +

If You Want Healthy Ears, Do These!

Health, they say, is wealth. Even the tiniest scratch can turn to something life-threatening if care is not taken. All body parts are important, but some, like the ears, are extremely important and can hardly be done without. Your hearing health should not be put at risk. Thus, whether you already have damage to your ears or not, these five steps will help you prevent further damage or damage at all, respectively. 1. Exercise Exercising does a lot of good for the body. What you may not know is that exercise improves hearing health as well. According to experts, while exercising, blood flow stimulates the hair cells in the ears which transmit electrical impulses to the brain and allows people to hear. Unlike most cells in the body, hair cells do not regenerate when they die. So, anything that will Read More +

Is Your Hearing Loss Temporary Or Permanent?

Is your hearing not what it used to be? Approximately forty-eight million Americans are suffering from some degree of worsened hearing. Hearing loss has numerous causes, ranging from aging to viral infections. Depending on which it is, your hearing loss may be temporary or permanent. Are you suffering from hearing loss? Act today. If you have suffered from a rapid onset of hearing loss, but are unable to rule out any obvious causes, consult your doctor. You may be suffering from harmful inflammation which can be effectively treated with steroids. If treatment is not sought out in ample time, this hearing loss may become permanent. Should I see a doctor for my hearing loss? Below is a short checklist to help you decide if treatment is necessary Have you recently been exposed to several hours of loud noises? (a concert Read More +