Coronavirus Face Masks And Hearing Aids

Coronavirus Face Masks And Hearing AidsAs the coronavirus pandemic spreads its tentacles throughout the world, there are many problems people are facing with their day-to-day chores. For some senior citizens suffering from hearing loss wearing their face mask while going to the grocery store has become a pain especially if they need an over-the-ear hearing aid. The face mask elastic band is commonly placed over the ears for securing it and it can get in the way of the cabling which connects the speaker to the hearing aid. Apart from the discomfort, there is also a likelihood of losing the hearing aids while putting them on and removing the face mask.

Communication while wearing a face mask

  • Always speak slowly and clearly in a normal volume.
  • If the listener doesn’t understand what you are saying rephrase the remarks.
  • Ensure that the people using hearing aids are using them.
  • Try to make sure that the background noise in the room is a bare minimum.
  • While doing a conversation take turns.
  • Talk while facing each other albeit from a safe distance.

Coronavirus Face Mask Alternatives

1. Using products: Fortunately, there are ways of addressing the issues related to wearing coronavirus face masks. First, you need to be careful while removing the mask to avoid losing a hearing aid that is placed in the ear. It is like removing a hat or glasses. Always check to ensure that the hearing aid is still there.

2. Other alternatives: Another idea is to secure the COVID-19 face mask by using something other than those elastic bands. The ties used for securing such as the cloth ties should not interfere with the ears. However, if there is pressure on the ears you can find alternatives. Take a headband having buttons a few inches apart. While wearing the head bank keep these buttons at the back of the head. Use the strings that come with the mask to attach the buttons. This will allow you to adjust the headband without placing pressure on the ears. You can also skip the headbands entirely and slip over a nylon fabric on the face mask for securing it.

3. Neck Gaiter or Scarf: There is another alternative and that is wearing a scarf or neck gaiter as a mask. For increasing the efficiency of these items, insert additional fabric which will act as a filter between the mouth and the nose and the gaiter and scarf.

Conversation in public places

When you are in public places such while being on a shopping trip these tips will be difficult to follow. However, if you and your spouse are wearing face masks ensure that the spouse understands that he or she must speak clearly and slowly. You also need to speak up while talking to strangers. Let them know that you cannot hear well and must speak clearly.

If you are talking to someone with a hearing loss you need more creativity to get the point across rather than repeating the same phrases over. Keep in mind the power of eye contact, body language, and clarity. You may be required to slow down the talking in order to be clearer.

If you can adopt any of these alternatives for the face masks or follow the modifications to the conversation it may reduce the stress while carrying out a conversation. It is important that the senior citizen can maintain good hearing during the coronavirus pandemic. If you live in the Clearwater, FL area, or in Pinellas county you can use services of Countryside Hearing Aid Services to assist you with selecting and purchasing a high quality hearing aids.

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