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Ways To Reduce Stress In Elderly! Naturally!

Many people say that stress is the reason behind all illnesses. This stress is a combination of chemical, physical, and emotional stressors that you even might not be aware of. The good news is that there are several ways to mitigate the negative effects of stress as well. The common health issues you can associate with the elderly that are induced by stress include heart diseases, headaches, depression, diabetes, asthma, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s diseases. One thing to note here, some of these issues not only affect the elderly but also the members of other generations. Although the stressors in your life may not be terminated completely, it is possible to control our reactions to mitigate their ill effects on your body. Tips to Reduce Stress 1. Exercise: Recently a study was conducted at the University of Illinois which Read More +

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health During Coronavirus Pandemic

Outbreaks of infectious diseases such as coronavirus are scary and can result in affecting your mental health. Although it is necessary to stay informed about the situation there are several other things you can do to manage and support your wellbeing during the difficult times. Here are some tips that can aid you, your friends, and your family take care of mental health at a time when we have a lot of speculation about taking care of your physical health. Mental Health While Staying at Home The government is asking everyone to stay at home as much as possible. It is suggested that you go out only for getting food, addressing health issues, or emergency work. If you are forced to go out stay more than 2 meters away from others and wash your hands immediately after getting back home. Read More +

Women’s Fitness & Health After 50

It is great for women’s health when they are active before they are 50. However, if you have not exercised regularly before turning 50 it is never too late to begin. This physical activity is not only good for women’s fitness but also for taming symptoms of menopause such as joint pain, hot flashes, and sleeping disorders. The exercise will also help in lowering the risk of developing heart diseases, osteoporosis, and diabetes. It also helps in controlling weight and helps in reducing belly fat. The effects of women’s exercise on their health are so potent that they will influence all physical systems in their bodies for the better. Women’s Fitness Difficulties Most of the difficulties regarding women’s health as they age are linked to their inactive lifestyles. In many cases, your chronological age may be 55 when your biological Read More +

Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment For Dizziness

Dizziness can be termed as a feeling of unbalance, being lightheaded, or woozy. It may lead to fainting although it is not a disease but a symptom of several disorders. The disequilibrium and vertigo can lead to dizziness but these are different kinds of symptoms. Vertigo causes a spinning sensation with a feeling that the room is moving. It may appear like motion sickness when you are leaning to one side. Equilibrium, as the name suggests, is a loss of balance. The true dizziness is a feeling of nearly fainting or lightheadedness. Causes Some common causes leading to dizziness are medicine, migraine, and alcohol. It also can occur as a result of problems in the inner ear where the balance is regulated. Vertigo can also cause dizziness. The most common kind of vertigo that causes dizziness is BPV or Benign Read More +