Taking Care Of Your Mental Health During Coronavirus Pandemic

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health During Coronavirus PandemicOutbreaks of infectious diseases such as coronavirus are scary and can result in affecting your mental health. Although it is necessary to stay informed about the situation there are several other things you can do to manage and support your wellbeing during the difficult times. Here are some tips that can aid you, your friends, and your family take care of mental health at a time when we have a lot of speculation about taking care of your physical health.

Mental Health While Staying at Home

The government is asking everyone to stay at home as much as possible. It is suggested that you go out only for getting food, addressing health issues, or emergency work. If you are forced to go out stay more than 2 meters away from others and wash your hands immediately after getting back home. The current situation means we will spend a lot of time at home and most of the social activities will no longer be available.

Try to think of this as a different time in your life. It may be a different tune to your life and the chances of being in touch with the others will be different. Use social media, phone, or e-mail to communicate with people that are close to you. Develop new routines and set new priorities. You can take this opportunity to read more or watch movies, develop some exercise routines, try new relaxation techniques, or find new information by using the internet. Try to visualize the coronavirus crisis as a new experience that may have its benefits to your mental health.

Look for Reputable Sources for Information about Coronavirus

Speculation and rumors are responsible for fueling anxiety. If you have high-quality information about coronavirus it will make you feel like being more in control of your mental health. You can get authentic information about the outbreak from government websites. Follow the hygiene advice and wash your hands more than you would normally. Keep washing the hands for 20 seconds with soap and hot water. You need to do this when you get back home or returning from work. Also, remember to wash your hands after you cough, sneeze, handle or eat food. If it is not possible to wash hands immediately after the event you can use hand sanitizer and wash them at the first opportunity. Use tissues while sneezing and ensure that you have disposed of them fast. Stay at home if you are not feeling well.

Anticipate stress

It’s all right if you are feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable as you read the news about the coronavirus pandemic. This will be normal if you have experienced mental health problems or trauma in the past or if you are suffering from chronic physical health conditions which make you vulnerable to coronavirus. It is significant that you acknowledge these feelings and remind the people around you to take care of each other’s mental health and physical health as well. Try to avoid long term bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Try to reassure people whom you know will be anxious and continuously check with those who are living alone.

Talk to Your Family Members and Children

Involve your children and family in your plans for good health. It is essential that you are alert and ask the children what they have heard about coronavirus and be supportive of them. Although try and not raise an alarm as we have to minimize the negative impact on children and explain various facts to them. Try to discuss the news with your family but avoid constant exposure to the media. Be truthful about what you tell them. Do not try to avoid the scary topic but allow exposure only to the appropriate means.

Almost all therapists in the U.S. are offering virtual assistance to those suffering from mental health issues. Many insurance companies are expanding their coverage to include teletherapy. Normalize your sleeping pattern, avoid longer naps and wake up at the same time every day. Keep your bedroom dark and cool to get high-quality sleep. If you are suffering from hearing loss and in the need of a hearing aid, get in touch with Countryside Hearing Aid Services to consult with the experts.

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