Women’s Fitness & Health After 50

Women’s Fitness & Health After 50It is great for women’s health when they are active before they are 50. However, if you have not exercised regularly before turning 50 it is never too late to begin. This physical activity is not only good for women’s fitness but also for taming symptoms of menopause such as joint pain, hot flashes, and sleeping disorders. The exercise will also help in lowering the risk of developing heart diseases, osteoporosis, and diabetes. It also helps in controlling weight and helps in reducing belly fat. The effects of women’s exercise on their health are so potent that they will influence all physical systems in their bodies for the better.

Women’s Fitness Difficulties

Most of the difficulties regarding women’s health as they age are linked to their inactive lifestyles. In many cases, your chronological age may be 55 when your biological age is 35 but you have to follow a consistent women’s exercise program. However, before making a beginning consult your physician especially if you are facing risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, heart diseases, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

Women’s fitness Exercises

After checking all this you can get moving and have a fitness program that includes these things,

  • Stretching: The stretching exercises aid in maintaining flexibility and motion between the joints. These exercises are also responsible for reducing the risks of muscle soreness and injuries. Pilates and yoga are also excellent forms of stretching exercises as they build the core body strength along with raising the women’s overall stability.
  • Aerobic Exercises: Swimming, walking, jogging, and dancing are good kinds of exercises you should try. The aerobic exercises are responsible for working out the larger muscles in the body and it is useful for the cardiovascular system and weight. You can work towards raising your time for exercise up to 20 minutes per session 3to 4 days every week. While doing them ensures that you are able to pass the talk test. A talk test means you are exercising at a pace that allows you to carry out a conversation.
  • Strength Training Exercises: Lifting weights can improve your strength and posture. It can increase bone density and lowers the risk of lower back injuries. It will also improve overall physical conditioning. Always start light, strive for perfect technique and very controlled movements. Repetitions between 10 and 15 per set is a great place to start. No more than two sets to begin with and perhaps adding volume/weight down the road.

Include Exercise in the Daily Routine

All movements you make are significant. In case you are too occupied to perform regular workouts you can opt for other ways of getting some movement. Surveys have shown that all these steps you follow during the day can add to large overall health benefits. Here are some suggestions to get you moving on your feet.

  • Try to use staircases rather than elevators. If you are living in a multi-story house do not shout at the family members. Go up the stairs.
  • Get a dog and take him for a walk every day. If you don’t have a dog, go for a walk anyways!
  • Try to walk briskly as much as you can. Always use comfortable shoes and do your best to stay well hydrated.


Find an activity that you enjoy and stick with it. Consistency is absolutely critical in order to garner the biggest return on your time investment. And by the way, if you’re experiencing some hearing loss, come and get it checked out. Contact Countryside Hearing Aid Services for an appointment. The hearing examination is fast and easy. Give us a call. 727-796-1161.

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