What Older Women Gain From Fitness

What Older Women Gain From FitnessOlder women can reap some great benefits from exercising, including building muscle, gaining strength, and increasing both their stamina and their flexibility. This will also allow you to overcome things that most people commonly associate with aging like atrophy and concerns with bone density. Of course, you’ll need the correct plan, including some focus on your nutrition, for this to work. You’ll also need to approach this plan with a positive attitude. Considering we’re living in an age of instant gratification, maintaining this type of long-term plan can be challenging, but if you’re a senior who has the right mindset, it is possible, and you’ll have a lot to gain from it.

Benefits of Exercise for Older Women

As a senior woman you shouldn’t be expecting or waiting for your health to get worse, especially since something as simple as walking more can help you feel better throughout your golden years. Instead, you should add some exercise into your lifestyle. By doing so you have a whole lot of benefits to reap, including:
• You’ll have more energy because your lungs get stretched, your blood vessels are dilated, toxins are pushed out of your body, and energy fuels are mobilized. All these things allow blood to flow more freely throughout your body, thus providing you with more energy.
• Exercise will strengthen your heart which is why seniors should engage in cardiovascular conditioning of some type. This is important because a healthy heart does a better job at transporting oxygen to the various parts of your body, which will maximize your nutrient supply and give you more stamina. Older women who’ve undergone menopause are at greater risk for developing heart disease, which is yet another reason why cardiovascular conditioning is so important.
• Since exercise raises your metabolism, you can burn fat much faster. This is because exercise can help build muscles which burn calories much faster than fat can.
• Exercise will also help increase your brain function. According to the Geriatrics Society’s former president, Dr. Walter M. Bortz II, exercise will improve blood circulation throughout your entire body, including to and from your brain. As this happens the formation and release of norandrenaline is stimulated in your brain. This is an important chemical in your body because it helps you be more alert and focused while also improving your memory.
• This is also a great way for you and other older women to reduce the amount of stress you’re feeling in your life. Reducing stress will also help you reduce the amount of pain you’re feeling and the likelihood of dying from the number one thing that kills many seniors: heart disease. You’ll know when you’re feeling stressed because you’ll experience feelings of panic, a knot in your stomach, headache, pounding heart, and insomnia. When you feel as though life is out of control here you’re likely to make nervous gestures and be unable to concentrate. Exercise effectively helps you manage your stress because it re-energizes your body and provides a safety valve for all your internal anxiety.


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