Why a Head Cold is Horrible for Anyone with Hearing Loss

Why a Head Cold is Horrible for Anyone with Hearing LossEveryone hates being sick with a head cold. Your eyes are watering, your nose is running and feels stuffed up, and you feel terrible. Your ears and throat feel like they’re on fire and you don’t have much energy. If you currently suffer from hearing loss and wear hearing aids, the added inconvenience of a head cold can be a concern.
Why You Lose Your Hearing When You Have a Head Cold
Fluid can sometimes build up in your middle ear when you have a head cold. This makes it more difficult for sound to make its way to your inner ear and the cochlea. This results in what is called a conductive hearing loss. When you already have a sensorineural hearing loss (damage to your cochlea) you will often experience even more hearing loss than normal. In fact, the American Academy of Otolaryngology says the average amount of hearing you lose here can be up to 24 decibels (similar to wearing earplugs).
Fortunately, this loss of hearing (due to a cold) is usually only temporary. Once your head cold is gone, your “normal” hearing will return.
How to Deal with a Head Cold When You’re Already Wearing Hearing Aids
While you may find yourself wondering how you’re ever going to be able to deal with this situation, there are a few things you can try to do to make your situation better during this time. This includes:

  • Make sure you get plenty of rest. This will help you be able to get over your head cold as soon as possible.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and water. Chicken soup will also help you. Staying hydrated will also help you heal faster.
  • Consider an over the counter decongestant. This medication will help shrink any inflammation that’s occurring in your nasal passages. It’ll also help dry up any excess fluid you may have developed here.
  • Make sure you tell anyone whom you’re talking to that you’re having additional hearing loss due to having a head cold.

When your hearing loss isn’t due to having a head cold, you may want to get your hearing tested by the professionals at Countryside Hearing Aid Services. They can help you determine whether wearing hearing aids will benefit you in your daily life.

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