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How Hearing Loss And Dementia Are Interlinked

The Hearing Loss Association of America says that more than 48 million Americans have lost some of their hearing today. These people are also at a greater risk for developing dementia too. This is especially true for those who are 60 – 69-years-old. Many people are surprised by this because they believe that losing their hearing is simply a part of growing older. Recent, highly regarded studies suggest that we shouldn’t simply brush this aside anymore since treating hearing loss people may be able to prevent the onset of dementia. Finding Connections In 2011 Dr. Lin studied 639 people whom he considered “cognitively smart.” He tested their cognitive abilities on a routine basis for a 12 – 18-year period. In doing so he discovered that people whose hearing was really bad initially had more of a tendency to develop dementia Read More +

The Link Between Hearing Loss And Heart Health

Many men and women die each year from heart disease. What many people don’t know is that it’s also linked to hearing loss. However, when your cardiovascular system is healthy, your auditory system will also be healthy. Understanding the Link Between Your Heart and Your Hearing The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that heart disease kills about 610,000 people a year in the United States alone. This is about one American every minute and it’s especially prevalent among women. Heart disease is typically linked to damaged blood vessels and arteries resulting from hypertension or high cholesterol. These issues can result in spasms, blocks, and ruptures within your vessels that cause the chest pain that’s related to heart attacks and strokes. Heart failure can also occur resulting from problems with your heart’s muscles, valves, or rhythm. Simply put, your heart Read More +

Best Sports For Older Women

Inactive, older women pay a high price for not engaging in age-friendly sports. Nevertheless, most seniors still spend around 10 hours either sitting or lying down. This type of a sedentary lifestyle makes them more prone to things like heart disease, obesity, falling, and dying early. However, sports can not only help older women prevent these things from happening but also empower them and help clear their minds. With this in mind here are some of the best sports you can engage in. Swimming The perfect place to swim anytime of the year is at a local indoor community pool which is typically heated and cooled depending upon the weather. Not only do most of these facilities offer you opportunities to free swim, many of them also have aqua fit classes that you can participate in. The exercise these classes Read More +