I now hear conversation at the end of long tables in our retirement club house

The Oticon Alta2 Pro is amazing!  I have worn hearing aides for 40 years.  I now hear conversation at the end of long tables in our retirement club house, likewise at church, home group and the birds singing.  We live in a noise laden world, of which I now am able to hear much more clearly.  Including my wife and great grandchildren on the phone and face chat.  The service from Tom, Laurie, Brandie and Rachel is above and beyond what one would expect.  I/we Read More +

It’s all about Service!

When investing in hearing aids, the obvious isn’t always quite so obvious. What I’m speaking to specifically is the subject of hearing aid service. The vast majority of hearing aid companies seek to simply sell you hearing aids and move on to the next sale. (This is very common as most of the hearing aid specialists and audiologists you meet will be working on a 15% to 25% commission. They get paid only when they sell you something, not when they service something). Others look Read More +

Why Staying Hydrated Is Important

At Countryside Hearing Aids we have the opportunity to see 20+ people every day. Most of our patients are from Clearwater, Dunedin, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor and Tarpon Springs. We also have a large number of seasonal residents that we see when they’re in Florida. Some of the conditions we see a lot of, in addition to hearing impairment, are memory loss, fatigue and various aches and pains. While hearing aids won’t solve all of the problems we encounter, I do believe that proper Read More +

The Gluten Dilemma

In recent years an ever increasing body of research has shown the havoc that gluten can wreak on people’s health and well-being. What was once thought to be a problem primarily limited to the autoimmune condition celiac disease is now understood to be a more prevalent epidemic, with many more people than originally thought suffering from varying degrees of gluten intolerance. What Is Gluten Intolerance? Gluten intolerance, sometimes called gluten sensitivity, refers to a person’s inability to properly digest and absorb gluten, a protein found Read More +

Hearing Loss And Dementia

An ever increasing body of medical research points out that hearing loss is directly related to cognitive decline, including dementia. The exact reason for the connection between hearing impairment and dementia is not entirely known, but the findings thus far are fairly consistent. What has been proven is that a person who has a mild hearing impairment has two times the risk for acquiring dementia when compared with a person with normal hearing. An individual with a moderate degree of hearing loss has three times Read More +

You’re Not Alone

Hearing loss often occurs naturally, as we get older. While hearing loss with advanced age is a fact for many, it’s not the whole picture. For those over the age of 60, approximately 30% will have hearing loss. That’s really no surprise; what is surprising is that about 65% of today’s population with hearing loss is actually under retirement age. Today, many Baby Boomers and even the Gen Xers are experiencing significant issues with their hearing. Because hearing loss occurs so gradually, its effects are Read More +

It’s all in the Family!

With our large clientele, we see a wide variety of hearing loss come through our door. Some people have a very mild loss that they’ve just recently discovered; others have a severe to profound hearing loss; many more have just started to wear hearing aids or are considering doing so. While there can be a great distinction between hearing losses, there are many prevalent issues that all of them have in common. Difficulty hearing at home is one of the major, and common, hearing challenges. Read More +

Pricing Realities

With so many hearing aid advertisements bombarding you every week, if not every day, it’s hard to figure out what’s legitimate, what’s a bait and switch, and what’s an outright scam. Here are some quick pointers. You’re simply not going to get a high quality hearing aid for under $1500 each. It’s simply not going to happen. It doesn’t matter what the advertisement says, it doesn’t matter what is promised; high quality and cheap are not synonymous. If the hearing aid is not manufactured by Read More +


You may be surprised to find out that one of the biggest complaints doctors have is that they struggle to have conversation with many of their patients. This is an alarming complaint and begs the question: how many of our patients experience this same problem with their own doctors? With today’s busy schedules in doctors’ offices, many practitioners are in and out of the room before you know it. Often the brief visits include vital discussion or instruction and it’s necessary to be able to Read More +

Hearing Loss and Ototoxic Medications

Did you know that certain types of drugs may harm your hearing? Ototoxicity (“Oh-toe-tox-issity”) ‘is the state or condition of having ear (oto) damage, specifically of the cochlea or auditory nerve(s) and sometimes of the vestibular (ear cavity) system, by a poisonous (toxic) substance.’ Such poisoning can occasionally be caused by ototoxic medications. Ototoxic drugs include certain antibiotics such as the aminoglycoside Gentamicin, “loop” diuretics such as Furosemide, and platinum-based chemotherapeutic agents such as Cisplatin. A number of nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as Meloxicam, Read More +