Top Tips To Improve Your Hearing

some top tips to help improve your hearingMillions of people suffer from hearing loss and hearing-related problems around the world. It is estimated that around 40 million people in the USA alone suffer from hearing loss, making this a common problem impacting the lives of many people, including in Clearwater.

If you’re concerned about your hearing or want to find out more about how you can prevent hearing loss and other conditions, here are some top tips to help improve your hearing.

  • Avoid Smoking
    People are often advised against smoking for a plethora of health reasons, including the risk of heart disease, cancer, and hearing loss. While you might not immediately associate smoking with an increased risk of hearing loss, some studies estimate it could double the risk. Smoking can cause damage to your inner ear and prevent smooth blood and oxygen flow.
  • Protect Your Ears from Harsh Weather
    If you’re spending time in a cold area, you might be quick to think about taking a jacket and scarf with you. However, taking steps to look after your ears too can help to prevent hearing-related conditions such as hearing loss. Always wear a hat in cold weather or invest in a pair of earmuffs to keep your ears extra warm.
  • Go For Regular Check-Ups
    It’s important to undergo regular check-ups for your hearing, particularly if you are concerned about hearing loss or other conditions developing. If your doctor or hearing specialist has warned you about an increased risk of hearing loss, it’s even more important to ensure that you monitor this on a regular basis.
  • Look After Your General Health
    As well as issues related specifically to your hearing, other health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure could also increase the risk of hearing loss. This is why it’s important to also ensure you are going for regular check-ups for your general health and looking after your body and mind. The healthier you are as a whole, the less chance there will be of developing many different health conditions, including hearing-related issues.
  • Stay Away from Loud Noises
    Spending lots of time around loud noises can impact your hearing. If you want to improve hearing loss or other hearing conditions, staying away from loud noises is one of the best things you can do. If you spend time in a noisy environment, such as a concert or party, give yourself a few hours – or even a few days – to spend time somewhere quieter and relax after the impact of the noise.
  • Limit Earphone Use
    Wearing earphones for extended periods can impact your hearing and increase your risk of developing hearing loss. If you wear earphones, limit the volume and avoid turning it up louder. If you need to turn it up louder to hear it, this could be a sign that your hearing is worsening and you need to see a specialist. Check to see whether your phone can alert you when your volume has been turned up beyond a certain level.
  • Always Check Medication Side Effects
    Some forms of medication bring side effects, which can include hearing loss. Before taking any medication, discuss with your doctor what the side effects are and if there is a chance the medication could impact your hearing. Being well-informed about the medication you are taking is an important part of looking after your health.

Getting Support with Hearing Health
If you’re concerned about your hearing or want to visit a specialist in Clearwater, FL, you can find the support you need at Countryside Hearing Aid Services. Having regular access to a hearing specialist can help you to feel supported while taking care of your hearing health.

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