4 Things That Could Contribute To Hearing Problems

some of the main factors that could contribute to hearing problemsHearing loss and other hearing problems can affect people of all ages in Clearwater, but they are often most common among older people. Throughout your life, no matter how old you are, there are several things you can do to reduce the risk of hearing problems now and in the future. We’ll look at some of the main factors that could contribute to hearing problems and the steps you can take to improve your hearing health.

  • Loud Noises
    It may come as no surprise that loud noises can contribute to hearing loss in the long term. Spending long periods of time in loud environments such as concerts, crowded rooms, and theatres can increase the risk of developing hearing loss. Sometimes you cannot avoid spending time in busy places, but it is important to take measures that will mitigate any damage to your hearing health. Ensuring you have some space to relax in between noisy events can help to reduce this risk and improve your hearing health.
  • Using Q-Tips to Remove Earwax
    Many people use Q-tips as the main tool to remove earwax from their ears. However, this can cause damage to your ears and contribute to hearing loss. By inserting objects like Q-tips inside your ear canal, you run the risk of puncturing the area or pushing the earwax further towards the eardrum. This can cause hearing loss and other damage to your ears, which is why health professionals recommend going to a qualified specialist to help you remove excessive earwax.
  • Earphones
    Using earphones to play loud music can create an increased risk of hearing loss. As earphones and headphones have become so easily accessible around the world, many people use these accessories to listen to music and other audio. In the long term, this could impact your hearing negatively and even lead to permanent hearing loss. Ensure you are playing music at an appropriate volume to reduce the risk of hearing loss in the future. Your phone and other devices may have settings to help guide you on the level of volume that is considered safe.
  • Head Injuries
    You may not have realized just how widespread the damage from head injuries can be, but it can impact many elements of your health, including hearing health. Sustaining a head injury could result in a ruptured or damaged eardrum. In turn, this can cause hearing loss or other hearing problems. While head injuries often happen as the result of accidents, you should ensure you seek immediate medical attention and take advice to reduce the risk of developing further hearing problems in the future.

Getting Help with Your Hearing
If you’re suffering from hearing problems in Clearwater, you don’t need to suffer in silence. Whether you’re looking for a check-up on your overall hearing health or you want to find hearing aids and other devices to help with hearing loss, you can get specialist assistance at Countryside Hearing Aid Service.

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