How To Safely Listen To Music

How To Safely Listen To MusicLoud music can result in tinnitus (buzzing and ringing in your ears) and permanent hearing loss before you know it. This is a risk you need to learn about so you can take action to protect your ears whether you’re at a club or festival listening to music or enjoying it on your headphones somewhere.

How Loud Music Leads to Hearing Loss

Deep inside of our ear rests the cochlea (the organ that’s responsible for hearing). Inside of it, there are thousands of hair cells that are responsible for sensing sound. Their job is to pick up sound waves and turn them into electrical signals which are then transported to your brain where they’re interpreted as sound.

Any noise of 85dB or above can start damaging these hair cells, resulting in hearing loss. This is problematic because the music that you listen to at clubs and concerts is around 110dB. Additionally, there are some headphones that can play music just as loud when you turn the sound up high enough.

Exposure to too much loud noise will cause your hair cells to become overstimulated. When they do, they grow tired and will eventually stop responding to sound altogether. Sometimes this will result in a dulled hearing. This is a form of temporary hearing loss that can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.

Initially, after taking a break from the loud noise your hair cells may recover. However, if you continue listening to loud noise these hair cells will eventually become unable to recover and thus atrophy and eventually die. This is when the hearing loss will be both noticeable and permanent.

According to research, when your hair cells are damaged, your neurons (the brain’s nerve cells) will begin to search for electrical signals that are no longer being received from your ear. This may result in them becoming hyperactive. Your brain may then become even more aware of the neurons’ electrical “noise.” This is what’s referred to as tinnitus – something that can be temporary unless you continue to listen to too much loud music. Unfortunately, there are some people who are more susceptible to this happening than others. You’ll only know this after the damage has already been done though.

Tips on how to Listen to Music Safely

Listening to too much loud music can permanently damage your ears. However, there are some simple things you can do to protect them.

When Listening Through Headphones

When you’re listening to music through your headphones, there are some tips you should heed which include:

● Make sure you take regular breaks of 5 minutes for every hour you listen.
● Use your device’s volume limiter to prevent yourself from turning up the music without realizing it.
● Never exceed your phone’s “safe” volume level.
● Invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones to block out the noise around you so you won’t have to turn up the volume too high to be able to properly hear it.

When Listening to Music at Clubs and Festivals

There are also some things you can do when listening to music at a club or festival, including:

● Carry some earplugs with you to use. The reusable kind for musicians are recommended because they won’t muffle the sound, just make it quieter and safer to listen to.
● Avoid the speakers because the closer you get to them, the more likely you are to damage your hearing.
● Visit the club’s chill-out zone regularly so you have a break from the loudest areas.

Hopefully, you won’t suffer from hearing loss from listening to your music. However, if you do, then Welcome to Countryside Hearing Aid Services in Clearwater, FL where they can help you regain your hearing.

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