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How Much Should You Wear Your Hearing Aids?

Since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, we’ve all been staying home far more than we’ve been going out. Communicating with people mostly by text or video call. With so few people around us in person, it might be tempting to wear your hearing aids less often when you’re home alone for example. There are a few reasons you might not want to wear your hearing aids, they may not fit properly, they may be difficult to put on correctly, or it might just feel pointless to put them in when you are mostly by yourself. However, there are important reasons why you should make sure to keep your hearing aids in as much as possible. Keep reading to find out more about them. Auditory Deprivation One important side effect of hearing loss is something called auditory deprivation. The way Read More +

Fitness Tips For Older Adults Throughout COVID

Coronavirus has resulted in us following the government-mandated stay-at-home guidelines. For senior citizens, this means living a much more sedentary lifestyle than they were living before the pandemic. This isn’t good though. In fact, it can be downright dangerous. The results of a sedentary lifestyle for seniors When senior citizens don’t get enough exercise, it can result in a higher risk of developing a stroke or a heart attack. Proper exercise can also be a help against Type 2 diabetes and loss of bone density. Additionally, movement is necessary for arthritis patients in particular. This is because it can help them retain their joints’ range of motion while also limiting the amount of pain that they’re in. Even if they don’t have arthritis already, a sedentary lifestyle can still result in decreased flexibility and mobility. This can lead to other Read More +

Ways High Stress Can Result In Loss Of Hearing

Lots of people are coping with high levels of stress today. Unfortunately, this puts them at risk for various health issues. Left unchecked, it can also result in hearing loss. Stress’ Effect on Your Hearing When you’re continually stressed, your body doesn’t get a clear signal telling it to return to normal. This is the signal that your body receives when you undergo traumatic or acute stress. When this happens, it can result in health problems including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other illnesses – all of which can affect your hearing. Health Issues and Hearing Loss Any illness that restricts your circulation will have a negative impact on your hearing. This is mainly due to the fact that your hearing nerve center, the cochlea, is largely dependent upon you having good circulation. Good circulation to the cochlea Read More +

The World For Seniors After The COVID19 Vaccine

It will not be long until a vaccine for COVID19 is available for everyone, but life will never be the same, especially for elders over 60. Its believed by experts that the post-pandemic world will be very different from the pre-pandemic world. Travel and healthcare and shopping will be different for seniors. Their work life and relationships will change. As someone ages, their immune system deteriorates, making it harder to battle illnesses and disease. Lung and heart problems are common with age, which makes COVID19 more dangerous for seniors. After a vaccine is readily available to the public, seniors will likely take more precautions then younger people. Below is an example for life post-pandemic. Health care Video doctor appointments. Its common knowledge the internet and social media aren’t popular among those over 75. but the new world will have more Read More +