How To Help Seniors Who Won’t Go To The Doctor

How To Help Seniors Who Won’t Go To The DoctorIt’s common for older adults to ignore their loved ones’ pleas for them to go to the doctor. No matter what you do or how hard you try it seems like nothing can convince them that they need to find out what’s going on in their mind or body. There are a few tips you may not have thought about before that could help you here.

Consider Changing Your Approach

Try not to be demanding or pushy. Instead, share your concern with them. Assure your loved one that you want to take them to the doctor and that they’re not being a burden to you. The more you’re able to have older adults understand this and sense that you’re sincere about it, the easier it’ll be to get them to the doctor.

Ask if They’re Willing to go With Someone Else

Sometimes seniors don’t want you to take them to the doctor nor do they want to find a new doctor. The next thing you can try is asking them if they’re willing to go with a friend or another family member. If they agree to this, make sure you ask them for the name of the person they’re willing to go with so you can call them right away and find out if they’re able to help. Ideally, your loved one should be the one to make the call on their own behalf but you can be there to share your support and thoughts.

It may hurt your feelings a bit to learn that you’re loved one isn’t willing to go to the doctor with you but is willing to go with another friend or family member. Sometimes it’s a matter of them wanting someone who’s closer to their age to take them, someone who can share in a similar experience. Regardless of the reason, be glad that your older adult is willing to go at all. Look at this as an opportunity to expand their care network so you don’t have to help them with everything.

Have Someone Else Reach out to the Senior

If none of these things have worked, you may want to ask someone else to speak to your senior. Hearing these concerns from someone else who’s also encouraging them to go to the doctor and is possibly even offering to take them there themselves may be beneficial. When older adults are living in senior communities there’s usually staff who can do this for you.

Give Them Some Space

When you’ve tried all these things and your senior still isn’t willing to go to the doctor, it’s time to take a break and give them some space. Most older adults can still decide for themselves when and if they want to go to the doctor. This can be challenging, knowing you don’t have any control over your loved one’s actions and they’re suffering.

If you do decide to give your senior some space, don’t simply ignore them. You want to continue to call them on the phone, visit them in person, and stay engaged. When you have a good relationship with them, they’ll be more likely to listen to your advice when they’re ready.


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