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A Common Issue With Older Women: Knee Pain

Knee pain of some type is something that older women commonly complain about. There are various reasons why this pain may occur. Regardless of its reason, it’s painful, nonetheless. This is why researchers are now choosing to delve deeper into this issue. Looking Deeper into the Issue Throughout history, there have been studies that looked at knee pain. However, most recently a research study was conducted in the UK. It looked at patterns relating to knee pain over a 12-year period. In doing so it discovered that about two-thirds (63%) of women over the age of 50 have experienced knee pain at one time or another. Looking a little closer, researchers discovered that this was typically in women who had a higher BMI, had injured their knee in the past, or have osteoarthritis (OA). These discoveries were published in the Read More +

The Effects of Caffeine and Noise on Your Hearing

Most Americans enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Sometimes they’ll even find themselves drinking coffee all day long because they love it so much. If you’re like these folks you may not even know for sure how much coffee you drink each day because you’ll set it aside when you get busy, then when it gets cold, you’ll ignore it. Unfortunately, this is a bad habit to get into for several reasons, one of which being it can harm your hearing health. What Research Says Regarding Caffeine and Hearing Loss In April 2016 The Otolaryngology Journal published an article regarding a research study that was conducted by the American Medical Association. This was entitled, “The Association of Caffeine and Hearing Recovery After Acoustic Overstimulation Events in a Guinea Pig Model.” According to this article, researchers divided a group of Read More +

How You Can Sleep Better

While many people believe that women over 50 require less sleep and thus can stay up late and still wake up before everyone else, this simply isn’t true. This is confirmed by Dr. Daniel A. Barone, assistant neurology professor at Weill Cornell Medical School. However, he does go on to agree that our ability to stay asleep decreases as we age. The Truth About Sleep When someone requires 8 hours of sleep when they’re 30, they’ll still require that much sleep when they’re 70. Unfortunately, according to the American Psychological Association about half of older adults suffer from insomnia. This is typically a result of health problems including depression and cardiovascular issues. The quality of sleep also decreases for women over 50. This is because the body’s ability to produce melatonin (a sleep hormone) starts slowing down. As such, their Read More +

Health and Fitness Tips for Mature Woman

As you become a middle-age woman (45-65 years old), you may feel you’re faced with increased health and fitness challenges. However, it doesn’t have to be this way if you take some time to take good care of yourself. Managing Your Physical Needs Genetics have a huge impact on your body fat distribution. When combined with decreased physical activity, this creates a more important issue than energy intake or dietary composition. This is why it’s important to engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity daily. Ideally, you would find the time to walk, jog or run in addition to resistance exercise of some type (weight training or bodyweight exercise). Weight training (which we’re a big fan of), will increase muscle and will also increase bone density. In addition, weight training will raise your resting metabolic rate which in Read More +