The World For Seniors After The COVID19 Vaccine

The World For Seniors After The COVID19 VaccineIt will not be long until a vaccine for COVID19 is available for everyone, but life will never be the same, especially for elders over 60.

Its believed by experts that the post-pandemic world will be very different from the pre-pandemic world. Travel and healthcare and shopping will be different for seniors. Their work life and relationships will change.

As someone ages, their immune system deteriorates, making it harder to battle illnesses and disease. Lung and heart problems are common with age, which makes COVID19 more dangerous for seniors. After a vaccine is readily available to the public, seniors will likely take more precautions then younger people.

Below is an example for life post-pandemic.

Health care

  • Video doctor appointments. Its common knowledge the internet and social media aren’t popular among those over 75. but the new world will have more video appointments than before. So seniors must learn about telehealth.
  • Telehealth is the new norm for a third of appointments now. It was nearly unheard of for those 60+ to use telemedicine pre-pandemic, but it is expected to be far more common after the vaccine is widely available.
  • Team of doctors. It was one doctor for many patients, but patients will now have a team of doctors. Having a few doctors instead of one single doctor gives doctors a chance to see more patients and efficiently care for them. Remote care will prioritize patients and help social distance in doctors’ offices even when it won’t be necessary anymore.
  • Drugstore vaccines. Even now, vaccines are available at Walmart and other pharmacy sections of stores, but in the future, it will be more common for elders to get their vaccines at drug stores to avoid the doctor’s office. The less frequent doctor office visits, the less risk of germ exposure.
  • Urine and fecal tests. Currently, you don’t have to go to the doctor to have fecal matter tests. You can do your testing remotely, but it isn’t trendy for seniors. Still, it will become more popular in the for seeable future, and the ability to test urine remotely will also become more commonplace.

Vacation anyone?

  • Roadtrip. No one likes being cramped up in coach on a plane, plus the germs will be everywhere. Experts say that trips of 800 miles or less will more often than not be road trips instead of flights.
  • Staycay instead of a Vacay. Even with a vaccine available, seniors will want to avoid large concentrations of people still. It believed that people over 60 would be even less likely than before to travel abroad.
  • Business-class or coach? Business-class has more room than the coach does. More space equals fewer people and less chance of germs.
  • Social distancing on a plane. Some seniors who can afford to are more likely to purchase 2 or 3 extra seats, so they don’t have another person close to them. They’ll be better able to protect their health.
  • Doctors at hotels. Why not be comfortable when you are traveling. Very soon, there may be medical care at hotels. Why not be comfortable and safe?
  • Advertising cleanliness. Like hotels and cruises, travel businesses will advertise more disinfecting and more safety. The pandemic has opened more eyes to cleanliness and safety. It will be essential to choose when traveling, especially for those over 60.
  • Mandate vaccinations for travel. Cruises will require proof of vaccination for travel. For the safety of their seniors and other passengers, cruise employees and travelers will have to prove proof of immunization to travel.

Restaurants and daily errands

  • Support your local restaurant. Many small local businesses have suffered during COVID, and more and more people are showing support to them now. This will be a continuing trend in the near future.
  • Cleaner restaurants and stores. Clean businesses have always been a big thing, but it will be a must in the foreseeable future.


  • Social distancing at home. Social distancing is going to become a must among seniors.

COVID19 remains a serious concern and we must continue to exercise wisdom and follow all of the necessary safety protocols. Countryside Hearing Aid Services fully understands the importance of this and we continue to make it a top priority in our office.

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