Best Sports For Older Women

Best Sports For Older WomenInactive, older women pay a high price for not engaging in age-friendly sports. Nevertheless, most seniors still spend around 10 hours either sitting or lying down. This type of a sedentary lifestyle makes them more prone to things like heart disease, obesity, falling, and dying early. However, sports can not only help older women prevent these things from happening but also empower them and help clear their minds. With this in mind here are some of the best sports you can engage in.


The perfect place to swim anytime of the year is at a local indoor community pool which is typically heated and cooled depending upon the weather. Not only do most of these facilities offer you opportunities to free swim, many of them also have aqua fit classes that you can participate in. The exercise these classes offer is beneficial to aging bones and joints.

Yoga and Tai Chi

Even when older women move slowly, they can still enjoy the relaxation a sport can bring to their mind and body. Sometimes yoga isn’t the best exercise for this. Another option here is Tai Chi – a martial arts form that promotes complex movements that are done slowly to help improve your blood flow as you become one with your body.

Shooting a Game of Pool

There are some people who’d argue that pool isn’t a sport, but unfortunately, they’re mistaken. These people overlook the fact that moving around a pool table, reaching and bending for the perfect shot can really be good for an aching body. While they’re right in saying that this isn’t much exercise, we still believe that for older women this is the perfect amount of exercise.


Unlike with golf, with bowling you won’t need to twist your body in a way that makes you worry about injuring your hips. Nevertheless, bowling still provides you with most of the exercise that your body needs, including bending down to grab the ball and weight training as you hold the ball. What you may not consider is that it also trains your brain because you must become skilled enough to be able to hit a strike and win the game.


While it isn’t easy for older women to find an age-friendly sport since things like medical and physical health must be taken into consideration, it’s still important to do. This is why you shouldn’t engage in whatever sport you want before doing some research and talking to your doctor. Of course, this is only one of the many items you should have on your checklist to speak to your doctor about. Every part of your health and well-being is equally important so remember not to overlook your hearing health too. You never know when this could be negatively impacting things like your balance which could prevent you from participating in a sport that you think you may enjoy. To make sure that you’re not having any issues with your hearing, make an appointment with Country Hearing Aids Services today.

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