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Aging by Yourself Doesn’t Mean You Have to be Lonely

Today’s society holds marriage up as something we should all strive for. Unfortunately, this means they don’t understand people who don’t get married, as well as those who get divorced or become widowed because they live alone. What they fail to understand is that you can still feel “lonely” even when you’re in a relationship. This is especially true if your relationship is unhappy or lacks communication. This doesn’t mean that those who choose to live alone don’t get lonely. What it means is that even people in relationships still get lonely. A Look at Today’s Relationship Demographics Many young people have chosen to live alone today. In fact, about 15 million people under the age of 65 have actively chosen to live alone. This in and of itself should prove that living alone doesn’t make a senior citizen unhappy. Read More +

How to Effectively Communicate with the Elderly

Many elderly persons struggle with general communication skills like hearing, reading, and writing. We must do this in a way that’s different than how we’d talk to our peers because they’re harder to understand and are influenced by environmental changes too. How to Talk to the Elderly When engaging in senior communication there are a few things you should do: Maintain eye contact Speak clearly Be direct Don’t multitask – since they don’t live in a fast paced world they’re not accustomed to this and so they may feel as though we’re not interested or we don’t care Use simple words and short sentences Frequently re-state key points from your discussion – three times is the “magic number”: once in the beginning, once in the middle, then again at the end of the conversation Include visual aids when possible – Read More +

What you Should Know About the Flu Shot

It’s that time of the year again when we start hearing all about how and why we should get our annual flu shots. Unfortunately, there are many people who are afraid to get these shots today. Typically, such fears are based on myths, half-truths, and fictitious ideas that they’ve either heard or read. Once these things are addressed and you understand why it’s a good idea to get your shot, hopefully you’ll be ready to make an appointment to do so. Getting Sick Because of the Shot There are many arguments people come up with for not getting flu shots, including saying you may get: The flu: Since the flu vaccine is manufactured from an inactive (a.k.a. “dead”) virus it doesn’t even contain the flu virus. Instead, it contains DNA antigens so you may experience some soreness, redness, achiness, a Read More +