It’s all in the Family!

It’s all in the Family!With our large clientele, we see a wide variety of hearing loss come through our door. Some people have a very mild loss that they’ve just recently discovered; others have a severe to profound hearing loss; many more have just started to wear hearing aids or are considering doing so.

While there can be a great distinction between hearing losses, there are many prevalent issues that all of them have in common. Difficulty hearing at home is one of the major, and common, hearing challenges. Hearing at home is arguably the most important place to better hear and understand.

Here are just a few of the most common complaints:

  • My wife is trying to talk to me from down the hall or from the kitchen.
  • My kids or grand kids are talking too fast and they are mumbling.
  • My husband is trying to talk to me when he is in another room getting dressed.
  • My wife starts a conversation with her back to me.
  • When they start talking while I’m watching TV, I don’t even know they’re talking to me.

These are just a few situations that cause difficulty for a person with hearing loss, even while wearing hearing aids. They face many challenges all day long with their hearing loss, which can be frustrating and tiring. As a family member or friend, anything you can do to help them hear more easily would be greatly appreciated.

We have a free brochure full of simple communication techniques and tips for both communication partners to use. These tips will help the hard-of-hearing person’s family and friends communicate more effectively.

Remember, it’s all in the family and effective communication is a two-way street. If you take some of the responsibility for easier communication, it will greatly enhance the quality and ease of your conversations. Stop in and pick up your free hearing help guide today.