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Pricing Realities

With so many hearing aid advertisements bombarding you every week, if not every day, it’s hard to figure out what’s legitimate, what’s a bait and switch, and what’s an outright scam. Here are some quick pointers. You’re simply not going to get a high quality hearing aid for under $1500 each. It’s simply not going to happen. It doesn’t matter what the advertisement says, it doesn’t matter what is promised; high quality and cheap are not synonymous. If the hearing aid is not manufactured by Read More +


You may be surprised to find out that one of the biggest complaints doctors have is that they struggle to have conversation with many of their patients. This is an alarming complaint and begs the question: how many of our patients experience this same problem with their own doctors? With today’s busy schedules in doctors’ offices, many practitioners are in and out of the room before you know it. Often the brief visits include vital discussion or instruction and it’s necessary to be able to Read More +