You’re Not Alone

You’re Not AloneHearing loss often occurs naturally, as we get older. While hearing loss with advanced age is a fact for many, it’s not the whole picture. For those over the age of 60, approximately 30% will have hearing loss. That’s really no surprise; what is surprising is that about 65% of today’s population with hearing loss is actually under retirement age. Today, many Baby Boomers and even the Gen Xers are experiencing significant issues with their hearing.

Because hearing loss occurs so gradually, its effects are sometimes not noticed. It’s not always easy to recognize a change in your hearing; although family members and friends generally will know something’s not quite right.

Just like we get our eyes checked, our teeth, etc…; it’s probably a good idea to work a hearing evaluation into your schedule. Countryside Hearing provides such evaluations at no charge and at the very least, you will know where your hearing is at.

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