Submitted 2017-06-27

I want to personally thank Tom and his lovely wife Laurie for providing outstanding quality of care for my 89 year old mother who has been suffering with a 75% hearing loss for some years now. I am so grateful to have found them as they are a first class and very professional business at providing the utmost in quality of care. Tom has used his 30 plus years of expertise in the field of providing the highest quality of hearing thru the latest in technology. I am so very grateful to Tom and Laurie for their genuine care for people and to improve their quality of their patients’ lives through the highest quality of hearing that can be provided. They are very courteous, patient, kind and always willing to schedule you in for an appointment and to care for your hearing needs until satisfied. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and very hospitable with NO Pressure. However, the quality of hearing that Tom has provided my mother has increased the quality of her life and joy!

With sincere gratitude