Submitted 2017-06-26

I chose Countryside Hearing for my Mom, Marion Ames, because it was family owned/operated, because of the BBB A+ rating and for the years of service in the area. We stay as loyal customers not only because of the congenial atmosphere, but also because of the educational information that she received. Her particular hearing loss was explained to her (a new experience in spite of the fact that she has had hearing aids for a number of years). She did make an informed purchase, but under NO pressure whatsoever!

Believe us when we state that if there is a problem that can’t wait until the next scheduled appointment, you will be accommodated. “Problem” in our case is defined by new aids needing tweaking sooner and my personal favorite: We were in CA and the pressure from flying gave my Mom some problems which Tom troubleshot over the phone! Wow! My Mom also appreciates the no interest financing available and the life time free batteries! A definite win on our part.