Submitted 2015-10-10

My testimony is a bit different than most in that I have had 3 sets of hearing aids in the last 7 years. One set was obtained through my ENT Physician, another was purchased from a company that went bankrupt 6 months after purchasing the aids, and the other pair was obtained through a well-known audiologist in the area. With all 3 sets my hearing was a disaster; most of the time I read lips and had a real problem with background noises. I was somewhat familiar with Countryside Hearing since my mother went there when Hank was owner some 20 years ago. I decided to go to Countryside Hearing and see if my problems could be solved. That is when I found out Hank had retired and the new owners were Tom & Laurie Mitchell. Naturally Tom did an evaluation of my hearing and then began to tell me of my options which is something that neither of the other 3 did. I only received one option and that is what they wanted to sell me. Tom suggested which aid he thought would be best for me out of two, but he left the decision up to me. He also took the time to explain the pros and the cons of each of the aids. I decided to go with the ReSound that Tom recommended. You will never meet a couple that are concerned about your hearing as Tom & Laurie are. For those of you that may think you need hearing aids; or are having problems with the aids you have, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try Countryside Hearing. You won’t be disappointed. I have never been happier with my aids, and Tom solved every problem I had.