What You Need To Know About Hearing Dogs

Hearing dogs can bring many advantages to their ownersAnimals that help people to live their daily lives are often hailed as heroes. Such animals include hearing dogs that help people with hearing difficulties to live an easier life where they are adequately supported in Clearwater. Hearing dogs can bring many advantages to their owners and attract plenty of love and attention from other people too, but what are the main things you need to know about these helpful animals?

They Undergo Extensive Training
Hearing dogs, like many other service animals, need to undergo hours of intensive training before being deployed to help someone who is living with a disability like hearing loss. Hearing dogs are trained to recognize different sounds, such as alarms or sirens, and will spend hours of training with other people to become accustomed to the presence of humans. During the training, hearing dogs are trained to respond to certain sounds using a movement such as nudging their paw or nose against their handler.

They Can Bring Peace of Mind and Security
People who live with hearing loss often find that many aspects of their lives are affected. For example, they might find it more challenging to cross the road or move out of the way of potential danger. Hearing dogs can help people with hearing loss to feel a greater sense of security and have peace of mind that they will be notified if any potential problems arise. Hearing dogs can help people with hearing loss to know when someone is close behind them or if a car is approaching further down the road.

Certain Dogs are Better Suited to Being Hearing Dogs
Not all dogs are suitable to become hearing dogs since it takes a certain set of characteristics and qualities. Hearing dogs must have enough energy to support their owners properly while also being calm and collected in situations of danger or difficulty. Therefore, it can be difficult to find dogs with the right balance of calmness and energy. In many cases, terriers or mixed-breed terriers can be trained as great hearing dogs and other service dogs. These breeds often have a balanced combination of many qualities needed to become service dogs.

Hearing Dogs Often Wear Special Clothes and Accessories
You will often find hearing dogs and other service dogs wearing clothes and accessories that identify their roles. These may be in the form of a colored harness or vest, which makes them easily identifiable to other people who see them. In most cases, you should not touch a service dog who is out in public and supporting its owner. Distracting a service dog who is on duty can be dangerous, although many of these specially trained dogs will not react or respond to distractions from other people.

They Continue to Learn with Their Owners
Many sounds are often changing, which can make the job of a hearing dog more challenging. For example, there may be new ringtones or sounds from the TV which are introduced once a hearing dog begins to work with its owner. While these were not included as part of a hearing dog’s initial training, it doesn’t mean they can’t learn later on. Owners are often able to train their service dogs to identify new sounds at home or work with a specialized trainer to hone the hearing dog’s listening skills and responses.

Getting Support with Hearing Loss
Whether you’re looking for a hearing dog to support you with your daily activities or you feel like you would benefit from upgraded hearing aids, it’s important to get the help you need in Clearwater, FL. Specialized health services like Countryside Hearing Aid Services can offer you additional support with hearing loss.

Picture Credit: 123rf.com