Becoming Accustomed to Your New Hearing Aids

Becoming Accustomed to Your New Hearing Aids

When you first get hearing aids you may be a little overwhelmed by all of the new sounds around you.  This is because you’ve been deprived of sound for a while then all of the sudden you’re able to hear again. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help you become acclimated to these new sounds.

Embarking on the Journey Towards Hearing Aids

A person will typically live with hearing loss for several years before considering hearing aids. In fact, Consumer Reports surveyed 17,626 people recently and discovered that 6 in 10 waited for at least two years before doing so. Unfortunately, this means that their brain has had time to fully adapt to hearing loss. This is why it’ll take you some time (typically under a month) to adjust to being able to hear again. There are some things you can do to make sure this transition goes smoothly.

Getting the Right Fit

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you get the best hearing instrument for your hearing loss and that it is properly fitted. There are currently only five major hearing aid manufacturers in the world today, and any of their premium products should provide excellent results. You will need to work closely with your hearing professional to obtain the very best fitting results, this will take some time, but it is critical for long-lasting satisfaction with your new hearing devices.

Getting Adjusted to ‘New’ Sounds

If your hearing instruments are properly fit, you will get accustomed to them very quickly. Sounds will normally be more pronounced, voices easier to understand and your environment will certainly be more “lively” as you are now hearing things that perhaps you haven’t heard properly in a number of years.

It will not be long before you become comfortably acclimated to the new world of sound that you are now living in. Conversations, music, television, and phone calls all become easier to hear and understand.

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