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It’s Time To Do Something About Your Hearing Loss

There are approximately 48 million people within the United States who are living with some form of hearing loss. Unfortunately, many people are embarrassed about it or concerned about how much hearing aids may cost so they try to ignore that it’s happening. This can be quite dangerous in several ways. Your Hearing Aid Should Feel as Natural as Your Reading Glasses You probably already own some reading glasses that you aren’t embarrassed to wear. Presbyopia (age-related loss of eyesight) is the visual version of presbycusis (loss of hearing due to age). While you may not think of hearing aids as a trendy accessory you should know that they’re so discreet that many fashionable people are wearing them today (e.g. Jodie Foster, Halle Berry, Rob Lowe, Robert Redford). Any Type of Hearing Loss Will Change Your Brain Your ears send Read More +

Heat Safety Tips For Seniors

Seniors (people over the age of 65) tend to be more sensitive to heat than younger people are. One of the biggest reasons for this is that they’re more prone to having a chronic illness which affects how their body responds to the heat. Even the prescription medications that are prescribed for these illnesses will have an impact. Of course, this is only one of the reasons why you’ll want to pay attention to these tips for seniors. Important Tips for Seniors in Warm Weather The University of Chicago Medical Center conducted a study in which they discovered that 40% of heat-related fatalities involved seniors. This is why these tips for seniors are so important for anyone who wants to spend their days outdoors. Dress Appropriately for the Weather Seniors should wear clothes that are loose-fitting, lightweight, and light-colored along Read More +

How Swimming Affects Your Hearing

Whether you enjoy swimming in a pool or in the ocean it could be jeopardizing your hearing if you aren’t careful. Although swimming doesn’t cause hearing loss it can cause a condition known as otitis externa (a.ka. swimmer’s ear) that’ll affect your hearing later in your life if improperly managed. How Swimming Affects Your Ears Swimmer’s ear occurs when your ears are exposed to a type of bacteria that’s commonly found in natural bodies of water. It can also happen if you swim in an improperly treated pool. When it occurs your ear canal may become inflamed and very often painful. Typically this only occurs when you’ve been exposed to water repeatedly but it only takes a few drops of water to irritate your ear. Suffering From Severe Swimmer’s Ear When you have a swimmer’s ear you’ll have moderate to Read More +

Surprising Reasons Seniors Are Experiencing Back Pain

For seniors whose back starts to hurt on a regular basis should know they’re not alone. In fact, about 6 million older adults in the United States are living with chronic back pain. Gbolahan Okubadejo, M.D., an orthopedic spine surgeon says this is because as we age we lose fluid in our discs which causes them to collapse making us feel stiff. Of course, lifestyle habits increase the likelihood of this happening. Some of these culprits are quite surprising. Uninterrupted Sitting Although seniors probably know that sitting too much isn’t good for their health what they may not realize is that it can also result in back pain. This is because when immobile for a while a cycle of pain and spasms will start with the end result being a painful spine. PM&R published a small study in which researchers Read More +