How Hearing Loss Impacts Relationships

How Hearing Loss Impacts Relationships

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the person with the issue, it can also affect your
relationships. This is because it can result in a breakdown of communication which can
strain a relationship. According to research, it can result in feelings of distress, frustration,
and embarrassment.

How Hearing Aids Promote Healthy Relationships

The cornerstone of a healthy relationship is communication. So while you may have a small
hearing loss, it can result in the loss of important interactions. When this happens it can be
frustrating and result in resentment. Eventually, this can leave both partners feeling lonely
and isolated. Even the most supportive partners struggle to understand and this will
eventually significantly change the relationship.

One thing is for certain: Even small conversations that seem unimportant play an important
role in developing intimacy between partners. When these things can no longer happen, a
significant loss occurs.

When you lose your hearing it can result in an onslaught of negative effects and emotions.
These include loneliness (withdrawing from social interaction), frustration (communication
difficulties), and resentment.

Tips for Talking to Your Partner

Living with someone who’s suffering from hearing loss can be frustrating, especially if they’re
unaware of the problem or unwilling to get hearing aids. You may want to have an intimate
conversation with them about how this is affecting your relationship. Let them know that
you’re concerned about their health because when hearing loss is left untreated it can
increase their risk of cognitive decline.

Your health is also at risk because of the additional stress that comes from worrying about
them. This can take both a physical and an emotional toll on you.

Besides talking to your partner you can also schedule an appointment to have your hearing
tested and invite them to accompany you. When they see how easy the process is they may
be willing to have it done too. This can also open things up to discuss the broad impact of
hearing loss like how it lowers life quality, leads to fatigue, and results in a lot of frustration
that wouldn’t be there if they wore hearing aids.

Try to maintain a sense of humor here. Laughter is the best way to diffuse the situation so
everyone is at ease no matter what.

How to React to Your Partner’s Concern

When your partner suggests you get your hearing tested there are some ways in which you
should react, such as:

● You should be receptive without getting offended. Remember, you aren’t the only one
who’s suffering here.
● Take some time to learn about the loss of hearing. Pay special attention to all the reasons
why you should have it treated.
● Agree to have a hearing test. This is an easy, painless procedure. Sometimes you can
even have it done for free.

If you find out that you do have an issue, be accepting of the diagnosis and do your best to
seek treatment as soon as possible. There are approximately 48 million Americans who
have lost some of their hearing and of them, 28.8 million would benefit from wearing a
hearing device. Technology has improved so much that you can easily find something to fit
your lifestyle and bank account.

Hearing Aids can Resolve Issues

Hearing aids can improve your quality of life, relationships, ability to communicate, and
socialization. They’ll allow you to have intimate conversations with your partner and enjoy life

Think about the important relationships in your life. If you’re struggling with hearing loss and
think you may need hearing aids to contact Countryside Hearing Aid Services in Clearwater,
FL today.

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