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How Seniors Benefit From Yoga

As you grow older your body’s efficiency and immunity deteriorate. This may result in a variety of diseases that could be avoided by undertaking yoga for seniors. Yoga can also help seniors feel less miserable, happier, and more fulfilled. Benefits of Yoga for Seniors Some of the benefits seniors will appreciate when they’re involved with yoga include: Seniors tend to find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. However, research suggests that seniors who practice yoga not only fall asleep faster but sleep better for a longer period of time. Seniors who have problems with their hands caused by rheumatoid arthritis were shown to significantly improve their hand grip strength by practicing yoga. Studies suggest that diabetic seniors who engage in 40 minutes of yoga daily had lower A1C levels and improved lung capacity. Researchers who evaluated the benefits Read More +

How Seniors Should Manage Hurricane Planning

When it comes to hurricane planning for seniors it’s important to determine what risk they’re at and what alternatives are available for them. Your goal should be to minimalize risk while helping them prepare for any impending challenges. While this is important, you must understand that you won’t ever be able to create a plan that covers al situations, but with enough thought you can still be better prepared to respond. Assessing the Environment Before Hurricane Season Happens This is one of the key decisions that must be made when it comes to hurricane planning. While you may feel the need to stay with a home you’ve lived in for many years, this is especially dangerous for elderly individuals who have health issues. To determine if this applies to your beloved seniors you should complete a physical and environmental assessment Read More +

Exercising To Improve Senior’s Brain Function

To give seniors a boost in their reasoning skills and brain processing speed it’s important for them to exercise for about 52 hours in a 6-month period – a little over 2 hours per week. Fortunately, low-impact exercises (e.g. walking & water aerobics or swimming) are as beneficial as other types of exercise. How Exercise Impacts Your Brain Research is continuously pointing out that exercise is great for your brain. One study in Medical News Today showed how running protect your brain from stress’ harmful effects. There’s also research showing that exercise keeps your brain young and cognitive impairment at bay. What’s still being investigated is how much exercise is necessary for you to receive these cognitive benefits. Joyce Gomes-Osman, Ph.D. at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Florida conducted a meta-analysis of 98 completed studies consisting Read More +

How The Extreme Heat Affects The Elderly

With summer here and mini heat waves happening throughout most of the United States, it’s time to take a serious look at senior health. While the weather isn’t as hot as it could be yet, it’s still dangerous to the elderly. This is why it’s important to remember how to help them stay cool throughout the summer months and when to seek immediate emergency medical attention because they’ve grown overheated. Although they’re definitely not alone in dealing with this heat, it is more deadly for them than it is for younger people. Tips for Staying Safe and Cool in the hot Weather When it comes to staying safe and cool throughout this summer’s extreme Florida heat and humidity, here are some tips you should remember: When the temperature is above 90 degrees a fan won’t help you nearly as much Read More +