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Improve Your Health By Taking Probiotic Supplements

Research was recently conducted on the topic of seniors’ health by Reading University in the UK. It concluded that anyone over the age of 60 should be drinking probiotics, eating yogurt, or taking digestive aid pills to help protect them against developing bowel conditions. This includes things like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). What This Research Study has Concluded According to the researchers who conducted this study, you can’t simply choose any probiotic supplement and expect it to work well for you. There are numerous products available for you to choose from today, making it important for you to carefully choose which one you want to take. This is important because about half of the brands that are for sale aren’t as effective as they claim to be. When looking at probiotics it’s important to choose a product that contains the Read More +

Protecting Your Hearing From The Sound Of Music

Noise and music exposure often lead to hearing loss, which is unfortunate because it’s preventable. While these two things seem quite different, with one being better than the other, they both have a similar effect on your hearing. How Music Causes Hearing Loss Research has shown that there are two main contributing factors to music related hearing loss. This includes the volume or intensity of the music and how long you’re exposed to it. So, there isn’t anything wrong with going to a rock concert Friday night as long as you limit the amount of time listening with unprotected hearing. This means that you need to wear some sort of hearing protection in order to protect your ears. It’s the combination of higher sound levels like this and how long you’re exposed to it that matters. Once you exceed a Read More +

How To Protect Your Hearing In Noisy Environments

It’s important to be knowledgeable about tips to protect your hearing so that you don’t needlessly suffer hearing loss and can enjoy a better quality of life overall. This is something that you should pay attention to everyday. Fortunately, these tips are easy enough to allow you to do so. Avoid Loud Environments Experiencing on the job hearing loss isn’t limited to those who are musicians or jackhammer operators. Of course, these two types of environments are well-known for causing hearing damage, but any loud work environment can cause you to lose your hearing. This is why you should protect your hearing if you work around any type of machinery or with large vehicles. The noise levels of lawn mowers, weed eaters, grass blowers, motorcycles, chainsaws and concerts can all present potentially dangerous loudness levels. If you know you’re going Read More +