Submitted 2016-12-07

I am over the top happy with being able to hear conversations clearly again. I love the clarity of sound and the comfort of my new hearing aids. They are easy to use, not complicated.

I no longer avoid social situations because of my hearing. I am thoroughly enjoying the ability to hear sounds I do not remember hearing before. I can hear a small bird’s singing now. Something I was not able to do before.

Approximately a month ago I went to Countryside Hearing Aid Services. I went in knowing I needed hearing aids. There was a consultation. My hearing loss was evaluated. I was shown and given the option of several manufacturers aids with a choice of price ranges. Tom explained in depth the pros and cons of each device as he showed them to me.

I was able to pick up my new hearing aids, programmed for my hearing loss, within days.

The sound quality is excellent. Clear without distortion.  They are very comfortable. Right off I was able to wear them all day and forget they were there. There is a button on each to adjust volume up or down as needed. At first it was difficult to know where to press to activate the button quickly. A little practice was all it took to solve that issue.

They are small and are barely visible while I am wearing them. Still they are well made, sturdy and do not seem fragile.

Customer service has been beyond excellent. The office is clean and cheerful. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Tom is very attentive to any concerns and questions I have. He has set up repeat free appointments to check on my progress in using the aids. Making sure they fit properly and that I know how to maintain them correctly. He makes adjustments to the programming as needed there in the office. He does not have to send them to the factory for these adjustments. He has been very diligent in making sure I get the full benefits from using the aids.

I found them to be expensive for me but the cost is well worth the improvement in being able to communicate with people so much better than I ever have. Another plus is that I no longer have to operate the TV at maximum volume and use the closed captions to follow a show.

I absolutely recommend Countryside Hearing Aid Services to anyone having problems interfacing with the world and other people due to hearing loss. Tom and his wife, Laurie, are very professional, and they worked miracles for me. The staff is beyond warm and friendly, making a visit to the office a very pleasant experience.